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Legacy Project No.3 – Warrington Foodbank


READING, writing and watching the news can be pretty depressing most days, particularly in the midst of a pandemic, which is still very much here.

From the horrific murder of MP Sir David Amess, knifed to death in a church, to the daily death toll of COVID-19, with all the conflicting opinions on just about everything and anything, it can almost feel like Armageddon is looming, especially when you add in the global warming and freak weather conditions going on around the world.
The “noise” on social media can be almost unbearable as almost everyone wants to express a public opinion on everything going on in the world.
It is certainly a lot noisier than when I first embarked on a career in journalism in 1979 – when the loudest noise in the office was the sound of typewriters or phones ringing.
While the mute button remains almost constantly on on my mobile phone, it doesn’t shut out the noise from social media.
So it makes a refreshing change to get out in the community and see the great work going on.
Having already seen the great work of the Warrington Litter Networks and the Roy Humphreys Neighbourhood Project at Longford, it was a humbling experience to visit the Warrington Foodbank, our third Warrington Legacy Project, to see the fantastic work going on in our community.
It was a bitter-sweet experience, as in our modern world it saddens me that as a society we have starving families who rely on foodbanks.
But these are nothing new, having existed in the UK for at least twenty years.
I am assured our £500 donation will help out a lot by buying essential supplies to help those most in need.
At the start of the pandemic and the first lockdown, I feared for the very future of our family business. But thankfully we managed to ride the storm and turn the corner, enabling us to invest back in the community which has supported us over the years.
We have committed to a minimum of 10 Legacy Projects – but our hope is that they will be ongoing into the future, to help those making a positive difference in our community.
It certainly helps focusing on the positives instead of the negatives – Armageddon or not!
If you have a community initiative and would like to be considered for a Legacy project grant email me at titling your email Legacy Project.


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