A Guide for Pet Owners on How to Clean Artificial Turf


A lawn can consume up to 20,400 gallons of water every month. Artificial turf not only conserves water (and savings on your water bill), but it also gives a lovely lawn for you and your pet to love.

When having artificial turf laid, inform your installer that you have dogs. Some turfs have an unique antimicrobial surface to inhibit the spread of bacteria from excrement. Your installers can also add a lawn deodoriser or a layer to increase ventilation between the foundation and the turf. Cleaning up artificial turf for pets as soon as possible is the best method to avoid difficulties. Here are a few pointers.

What to Do If Urine Odour Is a Problem?

Whenever your fake grass smells like dog urine, you’ll need to neutralise the affected areas to get rid of the stink. To begin, hose down the area using a garden hose. Then, mix equal amounts vinegar and water to form a vinegar solution. Clean the area by spraying it with this solution and then rinsing it with clean water. Vinegar is a natural odour neutraliser that is non-toxic and safe for children and dogs. It’s also a fantastic technique to get rid of any lingering odours inside the house. Worse case scenario, you can also buy a cleaner for artificial turf.

Taking Care of Feces That Have Hardened

You might just have to put in more effort to clean up after your dog if you fail to scoop his poop after a few days. If you come across dried dog poop, use your hose to spray it down. This loosens the waste, making it easier to remove. Give the surface extra wash once you’ve scooped everything you can. You can then wipe up any lingering feces with a paper towel and your vinegar solution.

Consider taking action immediately

Handle your cheap artificial grass lawn the same way you would a dirty cherished shirt or dress. You don’t squander your time on those things. No, you read the garment care label as if it were a life guide and take immediate action! Do the same with your fake grass. Clean it as soon as you discover pet feces to avoid long-term issues like deep cleaning and odour.

Whether or not you have dogs, we always recommend giving your lawn a stiff brush every now and then to renew the pile. You might want to give the surrounding area a short brush while you’re cleaning the pet litter area to save time and keep everything looking even!


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