Fish and chip shop is on the right track say planners


PLANS for a take-away fish and chip shop to open an “eat-in” dining room in a vintage railway carriage adjoining Padgate station have been given the all-clear signal by Warrington planning chiefs.

The railway carriage is already on site at The Plaice Station and it is hoped it will be open for business early next year.

But the imaginative scheme has only won approval following a lengthy dispute between nearby residents and users of the existing chip shop and sandwich bar.
Eight residents of Station Cottages signed a protest petition and there were two other objections. But 72 people wrote letters supporting the scheme.
The chip shop and sandwich bar won planning consent back in 2007 and now the carriage – named Nellie by proprietor Darren Sudlow – is on site and ready for conversion to a “dining car.”
Objectors claimed diners in the carriage, because of its elevated position on a short length of track, would be able to see into their homes and gardens. They were also concerned about noise, parking problems and the possibility of alcohol being served close to the railway line.
They also feared loud music might be played on the site which could become a “tourist attraction.”
Planning officers said a railway carriage in close proximity to a railway line would not look out of place nor cause significant harm to locally listed buildings at the station.
Obscure glass windows would protect the privacy of nearby dwellings.
Mr Sudlow said: “It’s official at last – Nellie can stay where she belongs…by the railway. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of public support there has been for us over the last six months.
“Nellie will be being converted into a dine-in carriage and will be opening in 2022.”

Nellie arriving at the Plaice Station


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