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Here Are 7 Easy Things You Can Do Now To Ensure A Healthier Tomorrow


Your health is your most precious asset, taking care of it and making sure you do it right should be your top priority. With the hectic lifestyles we are currently having, it is really hard to make sure we add healthy activities to our daily routines.

We share that misconception towards all healthy habits and that they are super hard to maintain. However, that is not true. There are things that are easy to do and can help you have better days.

We gathered 7 of them here for you to read

1.Walk More

If you are a car owner then you probably find it difficult to go without your car for days. Having a car is certainly a convenience but it also has some drawbacks. Besides being a kind of activity the body needs, walking also clears the mind and can help with weight loss. You might have had difficulty in making walking a fun activity and that is why you have been avoiding it for years. Ask a friend to come along or make it a habit to walk around your block with your partner every evening or morning for just half an hour and you will notice the positive effect it will have on your mood.

2. Avoid Taking Antibiotics Without Prescription

This generation faces a new threat; antibiotic resistance. Simply put, when you over consume antibiotics they lose their power and are no longer effective. That makes bacterial infection hard to treat. Only consume antibiotics if they are prescribed by your physician.

3. Wear Blue Light Glasses

Simply put, these are glasses with lenses that help limit your exposure to blue light. This light wave is very harmful to your retina and comes out of your cell phone and other screens and also some light bulbs. With the rise of work from home policies, we now spend more time on our screens than ever and blue light glasses would be a great way to protect your eyes. Wearing these glasses will also help you sleep better as these harmful waves have been linked to disturbed sleeping patterns.

4.Lower Your Sugar Intake

High sugar intake can pave the way to heart disease. Unfortunately, sugar is found in many of the foods and drinks we consume and we are not always aware that it is there. Knowing the foods that contain a lot of sugar can help us make a plan and start reducing its consumption. Sugar also promotes the growth of oral bacteria and, thus, leads to tooth decay. Search for healthier alternatives for sugar and gradually replace it with better options.

5.Consume Alcohol Reasonably

High consumption of alcohol can lead to many physical and behavioral diseases. Not to mention that driving under the influence of alcohol causes a lot of accidents. Limit your alcohol consumption to special occasions and, even during that time, stick to a very low number of drinks.

6.Eat Less Junk Food

While this advice is obvious and basically everyone knows it, people seldom follow it. The reason behind this is that people assume that you have got to go cold turkey and cut all junk food once and for all. However, it does not have to be that way at all. You can start by adding healthy snacks to your diet or starting your day by having a fruit smoothie. The next step is to just decrease the number of times you have junk food. Take it step by step and enjoy the small victories until eating healthy becomes your lifestyle.


Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety, it helps you become more aware of your breath. The good thing about meditation is that you can practice it at home without any equipment. Focusing on your breath helps you stay in the now and focuses your brain on the present moment instead of wondering about the future or lamenting the past; the two lines of thought that trigger anxiety.

Start today and take the decision to have a better, healthier life. You owe it to yourself to change the direction of your life for a better one. It is never too late to start, do not put yourself off by just assuming that anything you do now won’t be as effective as the things you have started years ago. Habits take time to build but the good thing is that you can start building them at any age and there is no limit to that. All you need to do is just add these simple changes to your life.




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