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One thing that all coffee lovers have in common is that we all want our coffee to taste even better than it currently does. This ranges from the newly initiated to the trained barista who competes in competitions. 

We love coffee and we want our coffee to taste even better than it currently does. Below are three simple tips to improve the flavour of your coffee.

Better Beans

This first one is perhaps the easiest way for about 80% of coffee lovers to instantly improve the taste of their brew. The simple reality is that the flavour of your coffee will never exceed the quality of the beans you use. So if you get your beans from the local grocers or Costco’s then this point is for you.

Most coffee sold in groceries and the like is mass-produced, low-quality, and old. And we wonder why our coffee tastes stale and bitter. Instead your aim should be to get high quality coffee beans that have been recently roasted. The easiest way to do this is find out where your nearest specialty coffee roasters are and give their beans a go. Alternatively another safe option is Bones Coffee which ships high quality recently roasted beans all over North America.

Better Consistency

The next simple tip is better consistency. I have been in enough homes now to realise that most coffee lovers eyeball almost the entire coffee brewing process. They eyeball the amount of coffee used, the brew time, and the amount of water. And for this reason even if they happen to produce a ripper brew, they will almost never be able to replicate it perfectly.

Better consistency is easily done with a little effort and will help you to hone the taste of your coffee. The easiest way to do this is to buy a coffee scale or even just use a scale in your kitchen and the timer on your iPhone. By measuring all the brewing parameters you will be able to experiment and find what coffee you enjoy most and then replicate it effortlessly.

Better Water

The final tip for better coffee is one that often surprises people and that is better water. The truth is that coffee is made up mostly of water or almost completely if you drink it black. Ergo if you are using poor water, it will make poor coffee. This is the reason that almost every cafe uses filtered water for all their drinks.

An easy way to improve the taste of your coffee is to switch from tap water to filtered water. This can be done either through purchasing fresh spring water or by getting a high quality water filter. Again, it will surprise you what a difference this tip makes.

So if you want better coffee which I am betting you do then three easy ways to up your game is better beans, better consistency, and better water.


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