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How to do a Journal Article Review


An article review is the assessment and evaluation of the author’s article. This is rather an unfamiliar task for many; however, it is not that complex or exhausting.

Experts are often asked to review the study of other academicians. Students are seldom assigned this task as well to develop their critical thinking skills and judgment. Experts ask for this document to critically analyze all the ideas and arguments posited and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

In this article, we will go into detail as to write how to write a journal article review. Journal article review differs from other article reviews in that it only evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Unlike the research article review or science article review, it does not delve into research methodology or scientific background information to critique.

Organization of journal article review

The structure of the journal article review is as follows:

  • The journal article review starts with introductory details such as article title, author, year of publication, etc. This is followed by mentioning the central aspect of the article that will be the subject of your analysis.
  • Next comes a summary of the ideas and arguments of the article. This is usually a short review where you point out the main themes of the article.
  • Then you will identify the main issues with the text. This is the main section of your article. You will elucidate the author’s arguments before subjecting them to your analysis and critique. You must provide evidence to back up your claims. They can either be your logical judgment or from other publications.
  • Finally, conclude by mentioning the overall significance of the article, describing how the paper has impacted your view in that particular discipline or area. You may also mention any possible future contributions of your constructive criticism.


It can be a bit tricky to write a journal article review since you don’t write it that often. Hence to write an excellent journal article review, you need to familiarize yourself with the proper setup of the paper that we have outlined above. Here are the steps that you should follow accordingly:

  • Briefly summarize the article. Get a gist of its main ideas, arguments, and information.
  • Recognize the strong points of the article. Any ideas or arguments that you find insightful.
  • Analyze the article thoroughly and find out if there are any logical fallacies, inconsistencies, gaps, or contradictions. Determine whether the arguments presented hold any merit and are supported by evidence adequately.
  • Try to discern any questions raised by the article that are left unanswered. You can speculate possible answers to those questions yourself or give your analysis on them in your critique.

Once you have figured out little nuances of the organization for your paper, begin to review the article.  Here are some reading tips to help you in your review:

  • Start by reading the abstract and topic and concluding sentences of each section to discern any thought-provoking ideas presented in the article.
  • Read the introduction and conclusion section. These are where authors include in their main points and arguments.
  • Finally, read the whole article.

For an assignment like this, doing due diligence by figuring out your paper outline and critical arguments is paramount. Therefore, begin writing after you have mapped out the entire article review.

Writing process for a review article

Here is how you will write a review paper:


Write the title of your paper. This should be indicative of the main theme of the article that you are going to address.


The outline and writing style of your introduction here would mirror that of a typical introduction section.  Make sure to include a hook at the beginning of your introduction that would get the readers interested. You can use the “inverted triangle” method of writing, where you start broad and focus down on your topic at the end of the section.

Include background information on the topic and some positive aspects of the article. Afterward, write a sentence or two about any shortcomings, gaps, and contradictions, as a precursor to the critique that will follow in the main body of your journal article review.


This section is pretty straightforward. Summarize the article by including its main aspects, ideas, and arguments. This section shouldn’t comprise more than a third of your entire paper.


Write about any strengths and weaknesses of the article that you have discerned. Any contributions to the information presented in the report are worth mentioning.  Pen down any logical shortcomings of the article. Elucidate your stance; whether you agree with the author. Point out the arguments you disagree with. Reinforce your ideas with sufficient evidence from your won rationale or other publications.

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Reiterate the main points of your article review, such as the author’s perspective and your critique. Write about how precise and pertinent your review is. Finish by mentioning the overall contribution of the author’s research and the significance of your review going forward.

To sum up, these are following parts that constitute a well-structured review:

  • Pre-title page: Title of publication under review, author’s name, and contact details if available (phone number, email address, etc.)
  • Title page: Full title, followed by an abstract and keywords list at the end of the paragraph.
  • Introduction
  • Main body: Includes a summary of the article and your review.
  • References 

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