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Toxic world of politics going from bad to worse with elections looming


THE toxic world of politics is in full swing with the Local Elections looming large.

Having reported on many elections during my 40-year career, things have always got a little heated but things appear to have been going from bad to worse in recent years.
I’ve lost count of the number of political scandals which have been making the press in recent weeks, many of them from unnamed leaked sources within political parties, or their associates.

I’m not going to mention any particular incident as they have all been well documented elsewhere- all I will say is it hasn’t been a very positive image for our town.
Meanwhile, while some people may be wondering why we haven’t reported on all the incidents, my policy has been and always will be, not to report on something unless I can verify the source.
Sadly some of my media colleagues in the national press don’t take the same high moral ground – and then of course social media is a whole new ball game that has become the new political battleground in recent years.
Personally, I am politically independent and will always work and support those I believe are attempting to do their best in the local community.
Having served as an independent parish Cllr at Appleton, I have first-hand experience of this, although after three years at the coal face I have decided not to stand again, with more pressing issues in my business and family life.
I wouldn’t dream of trying to influence any of our readers on who they should vote for – although yet again most of the national media don’t hold back on carrying the flag for a mainstream party.
My main fear this time around, while we are still in the midst of a pandemic, apathy will win the day and most people won’t bother to vote.
As it is, it is rare to get more than 50 percent turnout in a local election, unless it is in tandem with a General Election.
I believe in democracy and it is important that people turn out to vote for those they believe best suited to represent our community.
To those seeking election in the local elections, if successful, please try and avoid getting involved in toxic politics dishing the dirt on your colleagues or bad-mouthing the opposition.
Please just focus on representing your community and showing us what you can do while holding those in power to account in a positive and constructive way and if you do have an issue to raise put it to us in confidence.


About Author

Experienced journalist for more than 40 years. Managing Director of magazine publishing group with three in-house titles and on-line daily newspaper for Warrington. Experienced writer, photographer, PR consultant and media expert having written for local, regional and national newspapers. Specialties: PR, media, social networking, photographer, networking, advertising, sales, media crisis management. Director Warrington Chamber of Commerce Patron Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace. Trustee Warrington Disability Partnership. Former Chairman of Warrington Town FC.


  1. I’m only just back up and running with a new computer after the laptop I used collapse with a hard disk error – Henry’s Laptops got my data back – anyway I though I sent you a 2 page written – old school on my thoughts – it was a photo of the pages a few weeks ago before I started hitting the streets with my dodgy hips in a drugged state to kill the pain. I’m not sure I’ve still got it – it might be in file 13 as we used to call it at work. I think that #TeddyGeorge will publish it in his memoirs as the Former mayor’s Charity Champion – he’s lots of reveal all stories but I’ve never got the full one about his trip with the Rotary Club -and the bar maid in Austria. I’ve only had one troll in this election so far but he got blown away by the opposition oh and there was wa1 resident who took a pop at me for the Peel Hall Campaign with his usual moan about NIMBY -for heavens sake if I can’t campaign in and about my ward what hope is there for anyone else. I used to take these clowns on your discussion site but you get caught up and feel that your spending precious time on talking rubbish as they never learn or show respect they are just wind up merchants – could do with a yellow/red card system – but they’d only come backas Mrs Mop -Final though I used to think that a lot of the trolls were aliases for Councillors anyway. Only me Paul Kennedy and Steve Parish go under our own names.

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  5. Couldn’t agree more Gary. some of what I’ve seen in recent weeks could easily put me off any party I might have been inclined to vote for. I’m always grateful for your unbiased reporting of events and the fact that you won’t report anything you can’t verify. I value your integrity and the quality of what I read on WW, unlike some other local print media. It’s a shame you’re not standing again this time around but family and your business are rightly your priorities. Having been asked to stand for council myself I declined, greatly on the grounds of some of the vitriolic statements I’ve read in recent months. Keep giving us the honest reporting that lets us make decisions based on facts, rather than the clickbait and fantasies we read elsewhere.

  6. Agree – we need more decency in politics. The vast majority of people I’ve met in local politics have been great – just trying to make a contribution to their communities.

    It’s far too easy to criticise.

    Having said that, there are some significant issues in Warrington which do need scrutiny – I would highlight the investments, the Local Plan and the level of accountability which the council leadership allows. For this reason we really need an effective press, so thanks for stepping up to the challenge, Gary.

  7. As you say Gary, a massive part of the problem is apathy about local elections. Many people think that the councillors are just there for their own ego, and do not contribute to anything. Others just think that the town is and was and always will be a working class labour town, with the posh toffs to the south being the “aristocracy” who they would NEVER vote for. Many people are put off ALL political parties because of the “americanism” of trying to destroy the opposition with lies and slander, all the while not actually saying what your policies are and HOW YOU WILL STICK TO THEM! This idea of “all out” elections every number of years are dangerous in my opinion as you cannot vote out a bad partys members each year to hole the majority party to account.

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