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Work from home may continue after COVID


Since the beginning of the coronavirus, many employees started working from home. At first this new approach may have seemed unfamiliar. However, after getting adjusted to this new lifestyle many people are considering working from home permanently.

Numerous companies are choosing to offer so-called flexible working.

Flexible working is tailored to suit the needs of employees and could include an option to work from home or in the office. Some firms have decided for both options. Staff would then work in the office part-time and at home the rest of the time.

Many employees value remote work or a hybrid approach

Flexible working has become an approach that is widely discussed and embraced by many employees.

Choosing a flexible set-up that suits employees can be very beneficial for companies that have been struggling during the pandemic. In fact, many interim management professionals who assist organisations going through change endorse flexibility.

According to a study by Timewise, 87% of full-time employees are either already working this way or would like to. 84% of these were men and 91% were women.

Many major companies in the UK agree with this approach. In fact, several large ‘blue chip’ firms are endorsing flexible working in their offices. Virgin Media Business found that 65% of organisations in the public sector and 55% of private firms think that a combination of work in the home and the office will remain after the pandemic.

Not all agree with the change

Some, however, prefer the traditional way of working. The mining group Anglo American employed 500 people in their offices in London before the coronavirus changed the working situation. The company says that they will continue to follow government guidelines and would like their employees to begin working in the offices again once the situation has changed, and they feel comfortable enough to return.

Finding a solution that works

In order for companies to continue their success it is important to develop a strategy that can be implemented in the future. This includes deciding on an appropriate transition, improving security measures and continuing to empower and assist staff who are working from home. No matter if a business decides for or against a hybrid set-up, careful planning can be necessary.


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