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How to keep your electric golf trolley in top condition


Have your golf clubs been sat in the garage collecting dust? Perhaps you’ve left the battery of your electric golf trolley to go flat?

Due to the pandemic, many of us have been unable to visit the golf course or driving range to swing our clubs, improve our putting, or socialise with fellow golfers. But that’s no excuse to not care for your golfing equipment!

Carrying out regular checks on your kit will help it to last longer and perform better. And the same applies to electric golf trolleys. Even if it’s just once a week or every fortnight, taking the time to thoroughly inspect your trolley will ensure that all its components are working as they should. And, let’s face it, failure to spot the signs of damage or potential issues will only escalate into something much more serious (and expensive!).

It’s hoped that lockdown restrictions will take a tentative step towards easing at the end of March. With that said, it’s worth giving your electric golf trolley the quick once over and making sure you have the essentials ready for when that time comes!

And to help, the team at Clarkes’ Golf Centre are here to share a few top tips for keeping your golf trolley in the best condition, both now and for years to come…

5 ways to maintain your electric golf trolley:

  1. Charge the battery up

As a result of being battery-powered, electric golf trolleys can take the strain off your body – allowing you to preserve your energy for the game. But you will need to make sure that the battery is fully charged before you come to use it again. After all, you don’t want to end up with a dead battery mid-way through the round, do you?

A top tip is to never leave your trolley in the boot of your car overnight and get into the habit of putting the lithium battery on charge after every use. This way you can be sure that your trolley will last the duration of the round and perhaps a few bonus holes too!

  1. Give it a test run

While the golf courses have been shut, there’s a good chance that your electric golf trolley has been stationary for several months. Although this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, it’s a good idea to lift it out of storage and to use it in your garden – double-checking that everything is in decent shape.

Think of it as a dummy run for when your local course gets the green light to reopen. It’s better to find faults now than later down the line when you’re getting back into the swing of things.

  1. Clean it

After months of sitting in storage, your electric golf trolley will inevitably accumulate dust and sometimes even moisture. The harsh reality is that, if left too long, these can damage your trolley and cause components to become stiff.

Instead, you want to frequently clean your trolley to protect it from damage. In doing so, you’ll find that it will last a lot longer – reducing the need for repairs or replacement. You could remove the parts and clean them individually too, but it’s worthwhile referring to your manual if you plan to do this.

  1. Replace any parts

Noticed something unusual about your electric golf trolley? It may just be a case of swapping worn parts for new ones. However, as soon as you spot the signs of a broken or underperforming part, you must act quickly to eliminate the risk of it getting worse and damaging other components.

The good news is there are plenty of spares on the market – including wheel clutches, speed controller boxes, motors and more – which are sure to restore optimal performance.

  1. Invest in new accessories

Of course, it depends on the make and model of your electric golf trolley, but many come with a host of brilliant features these days, including fully-integrated GPS and USB charging ports.

There are several golf trolley accessories that can be easily attached to your trolley as well – making a round of golf more convenient than ever before. These include things like:

  • umbrella holders
  • phone cradles
  • scorecard holders
  • drink holders

Time for an upgrade?

Unfortunately, electric golf trolleys don’t last forever, and leading manufacturers are releasing new models every year. So, if you’re electric golf trolley has seen better days or you’re eager to try out the latest and greatest technology from Motocaddy or PowaKaddy, be sure to visit Clarkes’ Golf Centre.

You’ll discover an extensive range of electric golf trolleys – all competitively priced and delivered to your door free of charge. And if you have any questions at all, whether it be about maintaining your trolley, which electric golf trolley is right for you or advice on the best trolley accessories, you’re welcome to contact them on 01744 885 294.


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