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How safe do cyclists feel on Warrington’s roads?


WARRINGTON cyclists have a chance to express how safe they feel on the roads by taking part in a survey designed to help make the roads safer for everyone.

Any cyclist who lives and or cycles in or through Cheshire is being encouraged to complete the short survey from Cheshire Police’s Roads and Crime Unit.
Officers will use the results of the survey to help shape the way they police the county’s roads.
PC Lee Spencer, from the force’s Roads and Crime Unit, said: “Everyone has the right to use the roads safely and we want to get a better understanding of the cycling landscape in order to make better informed decisions when completing education and enforcement activity, to help make the roads safer for everyone.
“A lot more cyclists have been getting out on their bikes throughout the pandemic to get their daily exercise or to commute to and from work. With the increase in cyclists on the roads, the county has also sadly seen an increase in the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured.
“Cheshire can be a safe place to cycle and we want all road users to feel as safe as possible when out on the county’s roads. This survey will give cyclists an opportunity to have their say on how they feel about cycling on Cheshire’s roads and help shape how we police the roads.”
Warrington-based police and crime commissioner David Keane, said: “Since the national lockdown, we have seen a big increase in the number of people who have taken up cycling and there has been an increase in the number of fatal collisions involving cyclists in Cheshire.
“One life lost on our roads is one too many. I want cyclists to feel safe on the roads and I am encouraging anyone who cycles in or through Cheshire to complete the survey and tell us how safe they feel on the county’s roads.
“I’ll then work with the Constabulary to ensure cyclists’ views are taken into account when we look at how we police Cheshire’s roads now and in the future.”
Cyclists have until Sunday March 7 to complete the survey.
To complete the survey click here:


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    • It doesn’t help when pedestrians cannot seemingly understand that one side is for cyclists and one is for pedestrians on a shared path. Whether drivers, cyclists or pedestrians there are a selection of idiots in all groups. As a cyclist and driver I am astounded at both at times
      Sadly the lack of cycling proficiency in schools, that was very successful in the 70/80s, is part of the issue as there is no official training. Due to the vast amounts of idiots in cars who also don’t understand what that strange marked area with a picture of a bike on it in the road means that some cyclists aren’t confident being next to vehicles and will use the path.

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