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Step up your marketing strategy in 2021


2020 has been a milestone year, forcing businesses to step out of their comfort zone and adapt; resulting in a fundamental shift in how companies are marketing their business.
As 2021 is fast approaching, there’s a minimal amount of time left in 2020 to implement a plan.
Now is the time to get ahead of the competition and for your business to make plans for the future. Let’s look at what your marketing strategy should look like in 2021:
1. Increase your online presence
With most people preferring to shop online this year, and it’s a pattern that looks set to continue into next year. Increasing your digital footprint can be done in several ways. To start with, it’s important to open the lines of communication with your audience, firstly by creating social media accounts, and secondly emailing your database. It not only allows you to talk directly with your customers, but it generates traffic to your website too. It can also help take your business online if you don’t have a digital shopfront (website).
Other ways to increase your online presence are SEO – a cost-effective method of locating your business in search results and on Google Maps – whilst PPC positions you right at the top of the search engine results page. Utilising your database with email marketing is also a great tactic. You have a bank of email addresses and knowledge you can use to push your business message. Whether it’s an event, product or something else you want to drive customers to, email is the way to do it. By utilising the more cost-effective marketing options, you can set yourself up to move into the tactics that will help your business grow.
2. Automate your marketing
Automation is not only an agile way to reach your customers, but it can save you time that you could spend doing other things. By using automation, you can achieve more; it will benefit you financially and efficiently. It’s not only cost-effective but a highly strategic way of sending targeted messages to a particular segment of your audience.
Did you know that you can not only automate but personalise emails, messaging and advertising to your target audience? But not only that, you can tailor messages to suit each individual customer, giving them a hyper-personalised experience. More advanced digital experience platforms allow you to build marketing automation directly on your website. So, you can send personalised messaging to your audience and even chat to them using their first name.
Marketing automation can prompt your customer at every step of their user journey and speed up conversion. By using it, your business will be in the forefront of a customer’s mind, so that when they do decide, they’ll choose your business. It can also be used for upselling and remarketing further down the line, so it’s worth including in your 2021 marketing strategy.
3. Improve your website performance
Your website is essentially a customer’s impression of your business. If it’s slow, full of bugs and broken links, customers won’t return. Creating a user-friendly website is key to creating a better journey and customer experience, that ultimately results in a better customer retention rate and more sales. A staggering 46% of people say they would never return to a slow website. You can’t afford to ignore your website performance. If you’re interested in how we can optimise your site for mobile, create excellent navigation and improve your user experience get in touch with us.
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