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What kind of garden rooms are there?


A garden room is a building, erected in the garden or the backyard, separately from the house. They can be very different, having different styles, technical characteristics, and designated for different purposes.

In this article, we will overview some of their types to help you determine which addition is ideal for your garden.

Garden Sheds

These garden rooms are one of the smallest because they are intended for keeping objects, not people. Sheds can range from the tiniest ones where you would keep garden tools to somewhat bigger buildings, intended for lawnmowers and bicycles.

They usually do not require planning permissions because they are not large. Sheds rarely exceed 2.5 meters: there is no need for a high ceiling when people are not planning to spend time in the building. Getting a garden shed is pretty easy, quick, and relatively cheap.

Garden Offices

Making an office in a garden is a popular choice and it has many benefits. An office in your garden creates a space dedicated solely to work, allowing you to work more productively maintaining a healthy work and home life balance. Having a garden office also means that there is no need to commute and you can save on fuel or transport fares.

Garden offices can look very different. Some are large, basically having only an office table and a chair. Others can also include such furniture as shelves, coffee tables, armchairs. Sometimes garden offices are also used as a place to spend time in or have chill zones for you to have your coffee breaks in.

They can also look very different. You can choose from either contemporary garden rooms or traditional ones. Traditional log buildings look quite appealing and are usually appreciated by most. On the other hand, contemporary models have sharp, straight lines and add a very stylish feel to the garden. They have many windows and glass doors, allowing a lot of natural light in, which can definitely increase the pleasure of working in the garden office.

Sources of Income

Can garden rooms be used to generate income? Of course! There are actually several ways to use a garden building to earn money. One way is to use it as a guest bedroom on Airbnb. Of course, then you should make sure the garden room looks good, is comfortable to sleep in, and has utility services: it will be more comfortable both for you and the guests.

Garden buildings can also be used for business and you could accept clients in your garden room. They are often used this way by therapists and counselors. First, it’s close to the house, you do not have to commute and rent a place somewhere. Second, garden cabins are private, quiet, and surrounded by nature. These factors will allow both you and the client to relax and feel comfortable. Also, clients running late will no longer trouble you: you can just go back to your house to do whatever you want and come back when needed.

However, you should be aware that you will require planning permission. All buildings used for sleeping at night or for running a business need one. In order to learn more about planning permissions, contact your local planning authority.

And this is not all! Garden buildings can also be used are separate living spaces for family members, a home spa, your own brewery and pub, a memorabilia room, and so on. The market offers many different garden rooms designs. Everyone should be able to find one they like. You just need to be determined in finding a design you like and the persistence to have it finished. Once you have done so, you’ll be glad about the result.

A Getaway Place

Using garden rooms as places for little getaways is very common. Many people like having a lounge, dedicated solely to relaxation and spending free time. After all, there are always chores to do in the house and sometimes it might be hard to wind down completely. It has also been scientifically proven that being in nature increases positive feelings and decreases stress. Having a garden lounge could be one step toward a healthier and happier lifestyle.

There are many different things that you can do in a garden lounge. You could install a TV or a music centre, maybe create a perfect place for gaming. But perhaps you wish to get away from all the technologies? You could simply have bookshelves and paintings and some comfortable armchairs or beanbags. Garden lounges also usually do not require planning permissions if they are not too high and not too close to the boundaries.

Garden Gym and Hobby Rooms

Another popular use is making a garden room into a gym. This should be appealing to anyone who does sports a lot, introverts especially. Just think about it: instead of driving wherever to work out among heaps of other people, you could take just a few steps to your garden gym and exercise completely alone, in peace. This could motivate you to work out so much more, making your lifestyle much healthier.

However, when getting a garden gym, there are several things to take into account. First, make sure that your ceiling is not too low. It might be tempting to save but you can end up spoiling your workout experience because you want to be comfortable when exercising. It’s also a good idea to protect the floor, for example, by laying rubber tiles. If you are planning to work out in your garden room all year round, you should also choose a building with good insulation so you do not freeze. And don’t forget ventilation! Working out in a hot and airless room can be very tiring and horribly unpleasant.

Garden rooms can also be turned into hobby rooms. A garden building can be a perfect retreat for a writer to work on his stories or a painter to create amazing pictures in peace. There is a lot of natural light in garden cabins which is perfect for all artists as such light is usually preferred to an artificial one. You can also worry less about making a mess or spoiling something with paint. A garden room could also save a bookworm who is running out of space for the books in the house. Just imagine, you could have your very own library building in your garden.

Those who are planning to have this kind of addition to their garden shouldn’t be intimidated. Since you already have a garden, you can work hard to install a new room into it. Once you have done so, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits offered by this new structure. At the same time, you are increasing the value of your property. Take some time now to plan what your specific needs are when it comes to your garden and match them with a room that you like.




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