What How You Dress Says About Your Health


If there’s one inarguable fact as far as fashion is concerned, this is for sure. How you dress says a lot about you. On a case to case basis, what you put on can reflect your age, social status, beliefs, and religion.

It can depict your occupation, lifestyle, and sexual orientation. By just looking at your dress code, someone can even guess your literacy level, character, how you think, and how fashion-conscious you are.

Well, today’s society is less judgmental when it comes to clothing, but the fact still remains. Your wardrobe can impact how people think about you, and what they perceive you to be. This aside; can what you wear say something about your health? Well, the answer to this question is a bit debatable, but yes it can. Here’s how what you dress says about your health.

  1. Creativity and Uniqueness

To begin with, creativity reflects good mental health, at least in most cases. The world of fashion has had some emerging trends over the years, including others that some people perceive as madness. But before you start being all too judgmental, remember that clothes have been worn since the age of civilization. When trends get boring and too common over time, they are ditched as other fashion trends are born. Old and “outdated“ fashion styles also reemerge from time to time, at times with a modern twist.

Also, designers are spending sleepless nights trying to create something unique and stylish. To thrive in the fashion industry, one needs the utmost creativity to create unique pieces of work. If you are an entrepreneur in the fashion world, sometimes all you need is some creatively designed label or swing tag to create a brand that stands out. And let’s face it; nothing can propel your brand forward more than uniqueness these days. According to the label designers at Dutch Label Shop, creatively designed labels and tags make your textile products attractive to a larger audience. They help you communicate your brand message better.

As a consumer, you need to be creative on how you pair, match and blend your outfits with shoes, accessories, season, and purpose. For instance, who wears a maxi dress with high heels and a handbag to a water sports event at the beach? How you dress for a gala dinner is not how you do it when going backpacking? You have to be thoughtful and creative to get appropriately dressed and maintain a signature style, and this is where your health comes in.

  1. It Reflects Confidence and Self Esteem

Have you ever walked past somebody, and you are left like, “wow, that lady looks sharp.” Sharp looks are a sign of an ambitious and focused person. They also help you look and feel good about yourself. To add on to it, when you dress sharp, you should be as quick as your dress code. It has an impact on how people perceive you. It is all in mind.

Let us take an instance where you have a meeting, and a guy dressed in a suit and tie turns up to give a speech. No matter how senseless he may sound, his dress-up look will sell him well, and people will see sense in him. Take another instance, where a guy in a vest, t-shirt, and sandals approaches the same meeting. No matter how sensible his speech may be, no one will pay attention. The stereotypes, assumptions, and notions out there can be sickening.

  1. Performance

Dress to your role. Simple! If you are a running athlete, be sure that your dressing will affect your performance. That means you must have the right bikers size underneath and a short on top of the biker if necessary. Put on a light vest that will not be a burden to you when you are running. Put on the right shoe and the correct size. When you are appropriately dressed, your performance will be recommendable. People will also see you as health-conscious when they occasionally bump into you dressed in workout outfits.

Here’s another one. No matter your rank at the workplace, if you show up looking shady, people will question your performance. That is why, when it comes to interviews, the first impression is key. If you are well dressed, you are likely to win the interviewer’s heart even before you open your mouth to saying anything.

  1. Can Lead to Stress

Sometimes we go through celebrity wardrobes, and you are left to wonder how someone would put on a shirt worth thousands of dollars. The truth is, stick to your lane. It would be best to let these shows stress and put you under pressure to live a life you cannot afford. Dressing in a designer shirt is okay if you can afford it. Do not break your bank to rock Jay Zee’s shoe, no! There is more to life than getting stressed over a pair of shoes.

Our superiors at work and job environments often make us go to the extent of taking up loans to look presentable and accepted. It is okay to fit in, but it is satisfying to stand out in your unique style. If you constantly stress over your wardrobe, take a chill pill, and cut your coat according to your cloth.

  1. Motivation

If you have been around kids, you will attest to this. When kids are growing, they watch cartoons that they end up having a favorite. For instance, a kid who puts on a Spiderman outfit tends to feel like Spiderman. They perceive themselves as heroes, and this kind of motivation is healthy. This is perhaps one of the reasons why cosplay events have become so popular in this age and day.

Of course, there are a thousand and one more explanations and scenarios here. When a person is dressed in a hospital gown, it means they are or were suffering from an ailment. A person who wears a face mask while out there in public places during the COVID pandemic cares about themselves and others. When you come out in the winter cold in a pair of shorts and vests, you are either sick in the head or not mindful of your wellbeing. As simple as it looks, the way you dress affects your life in ways you may not see.


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