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Zoom in for Daresbury Lab’s “Talking Science” show


THE popular annual “Talking Science” event at Daresbury Laboratory, near Warrington is back – and this year it’s virtual.

Aimed at children aged 8-12, it is free and will be held on Zoom.
There’s still time to register for the first event “KenMystery” by Dr Ken Farquhar on October 28 at 10.30am.
“KenMystery” is a magical chemistry and science show inspired by the ancient Greeks’ belief that everything  “Talking Sciencewas made up of and explained by four elements: earth, water, air and you guessed it …fire!
Be prepared to be wowed as Dr Ken uncovers some strange science in the kitchen. He will find out how weird water really can be, attempt some “airmazing” levitation and even discover how to make fire appear and safely disappear!
Join Dr Ken (who is also a world juggling champion, soap bubble chemist and onetime TV presenter) and attempt some of his experiments at home. All you need is: an empty soda can, plastic drinking cup, breakfast cereal box-sized cardboard, scissors, a cup or jug of water and a large plastic bowl. Don’t worry if you prefer to do things in your own time, as you can recreate his experiments afterwards and become a scientist in your own home!
Other events in the series include:
The future ain’t what it used to be ( November 12 at 6pm).
Join Dr Mark Lewney as he discusses how unpredictable the future can be. He will be looking at music of the spheres, exploring the fundamental unpredictability and how science and technology will change in the coming decades.
(Minimum age recommendation for audience 10+)
Drones: the brilliant, the bad and the beautiful (November 25 at 6pm).
Professor Andy Miah (University of Salford) will be exploring the consequences of a society living amongst drones. Join him as he discusses how drones can be the most spectacular and amazing application, to the most destructive and find out how artificially intelligent robots will become a bigger part of our future.
(Minimum age recommendation for audience 10+)
Swarm engineering across scales: from flocking robots to nanomedicine ( December 9 at 6pm).
Join Laura Gemmell (PhD Researcher, University of Bristol) as she discusses swarm engineering and how it allows us to make robots work in large numbers and tiny sizes. Learn how swarm strategies are inspired, how they are discovered through machine learning and crowdsourcing and what the design can be used for.
(Minimum age recommendation for audience 10+)
Talking Science events are free, but pre-booking is required to secure your place. Find full details on how to book at the Daresbury Laboratory Twitter and Facebook page.


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