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How to wear 3/4 length shorts at work?


You’ve seen them before, or you wear them yourself. The 3/4 length shorts are also called Cargo pants and unlike their siblings, they can easily be worn at work as they are both comfortable, yet still show much less skin than a regular pair of shorts.

Here is what you need to know regarding women’s and men’s 3/4 length shorts.

How long should cargo shorts be?

Now that we’ve established that cargo pants are the same of 3/4 length shorts, it is easy to envision the part of the legs it covers. Most companies have policies regarding shorts at work, and they usually tend to indicate that employees are restricted to wear them. However, it is not the case with 3/4 length cargo shorts like those you can find at engelbert strauss, since they only show very little skin, close to the shoes. In fact, they are quite elegant and appreciated by all. But most importantly, they make comfy work shorts. Whether they are men’s 3/4 length shorts or 3/4 length shorts for women, both can be worn in a work environment without any problem.

What are the coolest work pants?

When spring arrives, fashion changes rapidly. There is nothing more that we all want than to expose our skin to a little sunlight, as soon as we can. For those beautiful spring and fall days, that are still on the cooler side, the 3/4 length men’s denim shorts are all the rage. This material is perfect for all season, but especially when you still need to keep warm.

At work, the 3/4 length cargo shorts always gets a nod. They bring an element of youth to the way you dress, while still keeping a classic touch that makes it okay to wear at work. There is no doubt that when an employee wears a 3/4 length shorts for women, it has a similar effect as a skirt. It shows beauty, yet remains so in a conservative manner. In fact, both men and women are noticed, in a good way, when they show up at work in 3/4 length cargo shorts.

Pants that are comfortable

The choice to wear cargo pants is also based on the fact that they are very comfortable. In warmer days, during summer time, men’s 3/4 length cargo shorts are much less warm than a regular pair of pants. The part of the skin that comes into contact with the air, freshens up the whole body as it breathes, making it easier to go through the whole day without suffering from the heat.



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