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Want to Set Up a Home Gym? Here’s What You Need


With the Coronavirus pandemic, almost everyone gets forced to work or stay at home. Besides just staying, we also need to exercise to maintain our bodies’ physical fitness, thus requiring a home gym.

With the right equipment, you can have an effective home gym that can fit you and your family. Here, we will highlight some of the equipment required to set up a home gym. Here is the list.

Weight Bench

When it comes to a home gym, a weight bench is essential since it’s used in several ways, including weight training. It has the resemblance of a standard bench, but with additional features depending on the manufacturer and design. Besides the ordinary weight bench, you can get an adjustable weight bench with several other uses, and it’s used mostly to target specific muscles. You need to choose the best adjustable weight bench to accommodate different practices and one that fits your budget. You should also check on the brand and its features. With the many other brands in the market, having an idea of other brands will do you more good.


You also require dumbbells for your home gym. Dumbbells are used for joint exercises, including curls, biceps, shoulder raises, and chest strengthening. They can be used for full-body or in more multi-plane movements to give different strength outcomes. You can use dumbbells in your home gym to improve your strength and cardiorespiratory fitness. When you have dumbbells, you can either use them inside the gym or outdoors. They are applicable everywhere and do not require any setup. Just grab them and use them. They are easy to store and maintain too.

Exercise Mats

An exercise mat is essential when it comes to a home gym setup. They are used to make floor exercises more comfortable and straightforward. Activities such as Yoga, pushups, sit-ups, and likes require a mat. They help secure the body against hard surfaces and prevent it from getting bruises or scratches during training.

If you are working out on a hard floor, it’s recommended to use a thicker mat, which provides more cushioning. Besides the indoor gym, you can carry your rug to the backyard or the beach when necessary to conduct your exercises outdoors.

Skipping Rope

Also known as jump rope, skipping ropes are the best for working out your full body at home. It is one way of exercising your heart and muscles and keeping the body into shape. Jumping rope mainly works on the shoulders, arms, legs, and the core. It is cheaper to purchase and also easy to store and maintain in your home gym. However, they may not be suitable in places with lower ceilings or where there are neighbors downstairs. You can get skipping ropes in different sizes and strengths, depending on the individuals who will be using the gym.

For a home gym, you don’t need to stock lots of equipment. You can get the essential things which you use during your training. The list in this article comprises just a few items that you can increase or alternate depending on your requirement and the exercises you prefer. Factors you need to consider include; your gym size, variety of activities, cost, and equipment availability.




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