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Key points you’ll need to know before you fly again


by Ian Robinson www.exclusivetravelholidays.co.uk

Big changes to our travel industry to protect our clients

OUR airlines are ready to take to the sky’s once again in the coming weeks and will need to build passenger confidence very quickly, alongside our new airport processes to make them safe and quick with minimum delays to keep us travelling.
With new procedures being introduced in coming weeks, passengers will have to accept new safety measures and be willing to navigate new regulations and legislation well before travel, and be aware of potential new cabin configurations with certain airlines, onboard safety procedures and immigration controls on arrival which may slow our travel down initially.

Major changes to our airports in coming weeks
These will vary according to your destination and route taken, and your passport type.
Key areas to think about, for safer travel

1. Before you travel
“How will the airline’s cleaning & hygiene policy vary from others?
What will happen if an outbreak starts again before or during your holiday?
Will the airline or tour operator give me a refund?
How will I get home, and how quickly?
Where will I stay if delayed?

Taxi transfers will be the safest mode of travel on arrival

2. The latest changes to airports
Since 9/11 in America the security legislation has changed so quickly over the years with removal shoes, liquids being carried, body scanners and so much more additional pre-screening, and this can change on a weekly basis.

3. Points you will have to accept, to be allowed to travel…
When you travel again completion of a form will be required to give full permission for personal data to be accessed, to assist with safe travel navigating across areas of airport especially passengers with health conditions and authorities to deam you safe for travel.
Allowing the authorities and airlines to follow these new processes will help with seamless safe and secure travel, and with the use of new straightforward technology, such as Self-service check in will be the key to success for us all.

4. On-board, your experience will be very different
Some airlines will be removing the middle-seat, and the cabin crew will be wearing face-masks, changes to communal facilities and onboard services.
Exclusive Travel Holidays will ensure we can offer full communication to our clients before travel with information about changes to address any concerns such as “what if I’m travelling with an infant?
What if the guy sat next to me doesn’t stop coughing?
What if…? What if…? What if…?”
Before flying again, we are here to answer any concerns
Travel agents have relationships with the airlines, hotels and tour operators to confidently ask and find answers to any concerns or questions you may have before booking or whilst your away on holiday, and offer updates with changing guidelines & advice to maintain your confidence and assurance before and whilst away.
“When I fly, how will my health be safeguarded?”
“Where can I fly too right now?
“If something goes wrong outside of my control, how will I get home, or will I get my money back?”
We have been learning so much over the last two months about how a virus spreads and effects travel, some of which we will be done differently ongoing, but the key to travel is to fulfil our passengers needs and Saftey at all times, as opposed to passengers looking for the cheapest and quickest options to travel, which has led to anger from thousands of travellers from cheap travel websites and online booking systems with no human contact over the last few months.
The future of travel is all about safety 1st, to fulfil happy holidays and memorable experiences.
Exclusive Travel Holidays is all about help & support door to door, making it safe & secure for you.
Can’t wait to chat again, and help you booking your next Holiday, heres to safer travel 🥂
www.exclusivetravelholidays.co.uk Warrington: 01925 967 102


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