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A handbag is a fashion staple that can either make or break a style. It’s the one accessory that you need to accentuate any outfit and still offer convenience when carrying things around.

Most women use their handbags to express their mood and individuality. This is why the kind of handbag you carry around says a lot about you. Even when you don’t know it, people are judging you and making assumptions based on your handbag. Below is a guideline of some key pointers that you need to know before purchasing that designer handbag;


Designer handbags cost a pretty penny hence much thought is required before taking the plunge. Style and functionality ought to be the top priority when picking the right bag for you. The perfect bag should be that one that makes you feel good and can last you a lifetime. Consider the events or places that you intended to take your bag to so as to ascertain the best material and design of your bag. Miniature Chloe handbags are great for dressy events such as parties and weddings while large bucket bags are useful for shopping or days out of town.


Designer handbags are known to be authentic, made of quality material using the best craftsmanship that there is on earth. Therefore the last thing you want to do is fall prey to a con. Designer replica bags have flooded our markets and it’s becoming very hard to distinguish the real from the fake. Some bags are made to look so close to the original bag to the point that they are being referred to as super-fakes. The price tag may lure one but the joy will be short-lived. Don’t be in a rush to buy a designer label before doing your due diligence. They say that if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.


Fashion trends are great but not all the fads are meant for everyone. Buying a designer handbag is an investment that needs careful articulation. Choose a bag that flatters your body and makes you feel like a million bucks. The size and shape of your handbag should be proportionate to your body type. For instance, short women look taller carrying long handbags and the vice versa is true. Your handbag has to balance out your figure.


It’s rare to find a woman who owns just one handbag in their closet. A survey conducted showed that that seven is the usual number of handbags that the average woman owns. How then does one know the colors that they will go for when picking these seven bags? When it comes to picking color for your handbags, it’s vital to gravitate towards neutral and seasonless color. Black is a must-have as it’s a color that goes with almost everything. Red, brown, blue, and green work for every season. For the adventurous at heart, feel free to pick just one neon-colored handbag to quench your urge.


Fashion in today’s world is far from what it used to be. Gone are the days when all purchases needed a physical visit to the stores. Nowadays everything is at the click of a button. No one should fall victim to dupes or fakes with all the technology that is around us. Most designers have websites where all their merchandise is displayed. This gives consumers a chance to study different styles of what’s trending in the fashion world and make a buy from the comfort of your home.




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