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Acts of kindness help mental health support group rise to new challenges


ACTS of kindness have helped a Warrington based mental health support group rise to new challenges.

With the COVID-19 lockdown now extending to eight weeks the Rise mental health support group has never been busier and with Mental Health Awareness Week now underway, it brings with it a theme of “kindness”.

Rise founder Mark Moran said: “Kindness is one trait that has been the underlying foundation of our coping strategy whilst we continue through these uncertain times of COVID-19. Kindness, a lot like smiling, is infectious; mainly because it is one of the few acts that is mutual between us human beings.
“One random act of kindness leads to another, and another … you get the picture! So why has it taken COVID-19 to bring an increase in kindness ? One theory is we are all in it together, so it has been a leveler to a certain degree or maybe its brought about that forgotten need of togetherness, that no man is an island. We are a pack animal; therefore, we need each other to make it through life, so we better be kinder to each other …
“Whatever you believe, it has definitely been a positive outcome of the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether it has been the clapping for our heroes on a Thursday evening; or letting somebody go that 2m in front of you, our kindness has noticeably been increased.
“Therefore we want to show our kindness to Warrington Worldwide for helping us spread the word that it is OK not to be OK and to get the message out there to reach out. With Warrington Worldwide’s help, we have been able to reach 399% more people who needed assistance during these uncertain times.
Mark added: “Gary Skentelbery, Warrington Worldwide’s Editor in Chief, also helped us raise our profile as a mental health peer support group by challenging me to a #3stonein3months weight loss programme. While I missed the target, I did lose over two stone, but it wasn’t about the weight – our likes and followers steadily grew with Gary’s coverage and endless Saturday morning photos!

“Therefore myself and all the other volunteers would like to share our kindest thanks to Gary and the WW team for all their hard work supporting us and raising our profile. Also, thanks to Gary for putting his hand in his pocket and kindly sponsoring me in my ordeal – and incredible challenge that certainly brought the teams closer together.
“Here at RISE, we believe that collaboration is key to our new acceptable way of living going forward. Having Warrington Worldwide on our side, we believe we have a great media partner who truly shares our values and believes in our ability to RISE above and help the people of our wonderful town with their poor mental fitness.
“Here’s to many more years working together to help highlight the needs of our townsfolk; enabling us to adapt our services and get our message across when we act to fill the gaps, supporting some of our most vulnerable neighbours”.

To find out more about the work of Rise in the local community visit www.risenw.co.uk


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