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Take a Virtual Vacation – Why You Don’t Need to Travel to Travel


The notion of a “virtual vacation” may seem a bit of a joke. Indeed, it’s almost the modern equivalent of saying your next holiday will be “windowsill bay” or “Costa Del Couch”.

However, as technology has improved and people have become more creative, the notion of a virtual trip is becoming less of a novelty and more of a useful tool. Of course, there’s no substitute for getting out and going somewhere new. However, thanks to the internet, you can now take a trip to somewhere exotic without leaving your sofa. As well as a nice piece of escapism, a virtual vacation can be a great way to expand your mind or research your next travel destination.

A Virtual View of Iconic Landmarks

Source: Pixabay

360-degree virtual tours are an easy way to see some of the world’s most impressive sights without moving a muscle. For example, the National Park Service has created a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon. Although it may lack the majesty of the real thing, it’s a great substitute for the curious and those with a fear of heights. With a simple click, you can move around some of the canyon’s best vantage points or go on a trek across mountain trails. Other landmarks have done the same. Go to YouVisit.com and you can take a guided tour around Machu Picchu. As well as HD images and videos, an audio guide will provide a steady stream of facts.

Escape to the Sea with Slots

Source: Pixabay

For something a little left-field, online slots also provide a way to get out while staying in. If you check Betsafe.com website, you’ll find hundreds of holiday-themed slots. In among more traditional offerings like Mystery Reels, you’ll find exotic options such as Sunny Shores and Sunset Delight. You might not feel the warmth of the sun as you spin, but the visuals are certainly impressive. Indeed, with online gaming technology being what it is, the animations and sound effects are more immersive than you might expect. For added effect, you can always put on a pair of shades and fix yourself a cocktail for a true beachside betting experience.

Go Global With Google

The final way to take a virtual vacation is Google Earth. Sure, it’s no substitute for the real thing but the global map does allow you to see places you otherwise might not. The process is simple: type in a destination, point and click. In fact, the idea of taking a tour around the world via Google Maps is one that British comedian David Edwards embraced with his “Around the World in 800 Days” adventure. His typically erratic and bemused style of comedy makes for entertaining viewing.

However, his project is a great example of what you can do from the comfort of your home when boredom strikes. As well as being a way to pass the time, they’re a great way to research your next trip. With a few clicks, you can get an idea of what it’s like to visit certain destinations and whether it’s worth booking a flight. That, if nothing else, is a great reason to embrace technology and take a virtual tour courtesy of the internet.


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