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Warrington residents were “In the Mood” to celebrate 75th anniversary of VE Day


GLORIOUS sunshine ensured residents across Warrington were “In the Mood” to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day despite the coronavirus lockdown.

Street parties, garden parties and BBQs were in full swing across the whole town with red, white and blue bunting bedecking many homes and streets.
Even bagpipes could be heard on the streets of Orford as parties got into full swing.
While many residents took to the streets to celebrate, social distancing rules were observed as celebrations and parties took place across the whole town throughout the day, after observing two minutes silence at 11am to remember all those who lost their lives.
Cinnamon Brow CE primary school put together a special video (see above) to celebrate VE Day with Staff as well as some of their families sharing how they were all celebrating VE Day.

Residents celebrating in Lymm – Pictures Andrew Collier Photography

Lesley and Alan Bates dressed in period costumes with their Willys jeep

“Nurse” Debby Hughes, with daughter Charlotte Caple and grandson Vincent Alexander Caple celebrating at Culcheth

Residents of Cranborne Avenue get “In the Mood” with Glenn Miller

The Thompson family

The Gowland family at Lymm

Dressed to impress – The Walker family

Street party at Appleton Thorn

The Fradgley family at Lymm

Fairfield & Howley residents showing their true colours

A jeep on the streets of Penketh

Beth Trainer and Cllr Amanda King flying the flag at Great Sankey

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  1. The residents of Grappenhall doing the conga should be shamed of themselves. The rest of us haven’t seen family for 2 months / can’t go to funerals & you’re doing a conga?!? Honestly beyond belief. I thought people were stupid but actually stuff like this demonstrates they’re just entitled and selfish.

    • I know, and the woman who organised the conga line seemed so proud of herself when they interviewed her on North West Tonight. I think the BBC is partly to blame too – some of these people have got carried away because they were told they were going to be on TV.

      • Warrington Worldwide have captured a positive spirit which is some thing which is in short supply at present.

        “Congagate” is down to the individuals involved and if there are anybody with symptoms they they should follow the guidelines.

        Were mistakes made ? Yes
        Was anybody infected ? Time will tell
        Was it irresponsible and sent the wrong message out ? Absolutely
        What should have happened is …
        1. Not have a party – no benefit in mental or physical health.
        2. Have mini parties that are held outside and people can talk over garden fences and across the street with a raised voice.
        3. The Conga could have been done by holding brush stales between each person ensuring a distance and each conga segment can be family members, in mine but separated.
        4. Have fun safely.

        If anybody infringed rules the the law should deal with it.

        Warrington Worldwide is a balanced, news reporting team who report it as they receive it. That’s the job so people can have a say about what they feel.

        If WW didn’t run the piece then we would be saying why didn’t our town cover it !

  2. This is irresponsible journalism. Reporting that “socially distancing measures were observed” and then featuring photos of people blatantly disregarding social distancing as well as that ridiculous video of people doing the conga gives an impression to readers that this behaviour is acceptable. This article deserves to be removed for wrongfully informing the public of acceptable health and safety measures during a critical time in the pandemic.

    • Megan you are allowed to mix with members of your household – as far as we could see and know all the pictures submitted were family members. The only incident that may have breached the rules was the “conga” at Grappenhall which organisers said they had set everybody two metres apart and was featured on national TV. We have worked hard to highlight other issues including people gathering at the hospital so I think your comments RE irresponsible journalism are a little harsh. But you are entitled to your opinion.

      • This is a mistruth to justify the positive reporting of an irresponsible activity. Clearly social gatherings – which this undeniably is – are prohibited and the tone and implicit endorsement of this cheapens the situation we are facing and the sacrifices others are making. Many of us would love a party – but don’t. No need to go into the social distancing etc which is frippery to justify a party. GS – you are not being honest.

        • My article doesn’t relate to the Conga in Grappenhall – just the pictures we were supplied by our readers. The only reference to the infamous conga is the BBC journalist’s report which is included as his tweet and his comments and his report. My article makes no reference to it and I am not condoning it in any way. It is out there on public channels for all to see.

    • Absolutely ashamed of the people of grappenhall how totally embarrassing you should only be leaving your home for essential purpose not doing the conga !! No wonder the virus is spreading and we have the worst death toll in Europe!! Shame on them people are dying stay at home !!! I agree with the comments on this post irresponsible journalism if we are promoting this !! This is not social distancing by any means ! You are saying to everyone this is ok ,and it’s not .different if you where reporting it as what NOT to do in a pandemic

  3. The article says ‘social distancing measures were observed’. Just to recap, current measures are ‘do not leave your home except for work which cannot be done at home, exercise, getting essential supplies, or supporting a vulnerable person.’ Gatherings of more than two people from different households in a public space are illegal. Who has invented this new rule which says ‘I can do whatever I want as long as I make a minor effort to stay 2m from everyone else’?
    We have a severely limited capacity to absorb an increased transmission rate. To keep it low, we have all made sacrifices. Businesses have folded, people have lost income and jobs, families haven’t seen each other in months, funerals have been scaled back to the bare necessities, and weddings have been cancelled. How arrogant do you have to be to see the country in this state and to decide that your desire to have a party ranks alongside the work of the NHS and other key workers? That your party should go ahead above all the activities which the rest of us have stopped? The people of Warrington are taking the michael out of all of us.

  4. The Conga – although a lovely idea in principle – was badly conceived and I am sure whoever organised it will have got that message loud and clear. The spirit of VE Day probably overtook otherwise responsible people. Understandably folks are desperate to get out and celebrate something but it seems it did cause some physical distancing rules to be ignored.
    However to blame Warrington Worldwide for irresponsible journalism is not fair. They’re doing great work reporting local news and, as I understand it, with almost all their staff furoughed and advertising revenues (I would imagine) close to zero. Let’s not take this out on them.

  5. What a joke how can NWT Send camera’s out or stream them LIVE on tv and 5 weeks ago bbc breakfast was sending filming crewmen out to captain Tom praising him for what he was doing for theNHS I think the bbc NWT SHOULD GIVE THE NHS WARRINGTON A BIG DONATION

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