Luxury gifts you can have delivered to your home


While certain types of shopping can be a laborious nightmare, shopping for luxury items can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Walking into a boutique store presents an exciting prospect at the many options available.

Shopping online can also be fun though. You can spend hours scrolling through the different options, imagining yourself (or a loved one) using or wearing the items on display. It also gives you a broader selection of products to choose from since you’re no longer bound by geography.

If you’re finding yourself longing for something to treat yourself with, then consider these fantastic options.

A Luxury Watch

Now that everyone uses their smartphone to tell the time, watches have become a status symbol and a way to express your personality through your accessories.

Whether you go for something timeless, like the AP Royal Oak or something more modern like the Apple Watch, both can enhance your outfit whether you’re dressing smart, casual, or anywhere in between.

There are options to cater to every budget, with watches starting from just a few hundred pounds all the way up to classic timepieces that cost tens of thousands. And now they can all be delivered to you, without ever having to leave the house.

A New Bag

Bags are an important element of any outfit, and they make great gifts. Whether you’re looking for a Gucci leather clutch for a special occasion, a Tom Ford grained leather rucksack for while you’re out and about, or a Cartier leather portfolio for keeping your work documents in, you can have them all delivered right to your door.


Nothing less luxury like a bowl of caviar. Previously, getting hold of high quality, delicious caviar required a trip to a specialist retailer, but now you can have it delivered to wherever you are.

Whether it’s the cheaper £14 salmon caviar or the £110 Beluga caviar, it is the ultimate in sophistication when it comes to snacks.

A SuperCar

Want to drive a Ferrari? Why not hire one that can be delivered right to your door. For around £500 per day, you can drive around in an Aston Martin DB11 or Bentley GTC V8 S, while a Ferrari 488 GTB will set you back a little more.

You usually have to hire it for several days at a time and they will also screen their customers to make sure that the cars are looked after, but if you make the cut you can enjoy driving some incredible sports and supercars and have it dropped off and delivered right to your door. 

Something a Bit Different

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit different and quirky or something that no one would ever expect to receive, then Selfridges has plenty of options.

Its Seletti range includes several oddly themed lamps, including £85 mouse holding a heart and the £195 bronze and resin banana. It also offers a Christian Louboutin Loubilaque Lip Lacquer for £65 and a £95 smart indoor herb garden.


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