Bags perfect for any occasion


Your bag is one of the most useful accessories you can take out at any day of the week.

It does not only provide you with style, but its function has been around since the dawn of civilization and nothing has replaced it yet.

It holds your daily essentials and complements your wardrobe at the same time. You can’t have enough of them to match what you’re wearing or what your activities outside requires. With countless options that are flooding the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that’s right for you. Although to be honest there is more than one right type of bag.

If you want to keep your collection of bags to a minimum, then having one of each will do the trick. Here are some of the bags you’ll want for every occasion:

1.   Clutch Bag

These handy bags are one of the most basic types of bags for your wardrobe. Not only does it have timeless elegance and style it is also very convenient to carry around. It’s perfect for a day when you don’t carry too many things with you apart from those you can’t leave the house without. It comes in various forms that will fit well in different occasions. Although it can be used as casual wear, it is normally used in formal gatherings and events.

2.   Backpack

Depending on its size it can be a travel bag or for casual wear when you’re out and about. They are convenient to carry around because they leave both of your hands free to hold other things. It is important to take into account the style and material your backpack is made of. Since you’ll be carrying important stuff in them and it is expected that you’ll be spending a substantial amount of time outdoors with this bag, you will need some protection for its contents from the elements. It is now common to have waterproof backpacks not just for adventure seekers, but even for a stroll around town. These bags can have a sleek and elegant design or they could be bright and vibrant, but all the same, they keep your valuables inside dry.

3.   Tote Bag

A chic bag that can hold your valuables and you can conveniently carry around. It is often an essential element in a woman’s wardrobe. A tote bag can be sophisticated, practical, and minimal in its own right, which makes it the most widely used type of bag around. Its versatility in its practicality makes it perfect for an everyday accessory of every woman.

4.   Travel/Duffel Bag

These bags can be referred to as oversized bags that are practical for when you leave home for long periods of time or if you need to haul sizable items with you. These bags are basically there at every stage of your life. If you’re planning to take your entire wardrobe to your trip, then you’ll need these oversized bags to put them in. You can select from a variety of stylish, durable, and versatile bags that will help you carry your larger possessions.

5.   Shoulder / Crossbody Bag / Belt Bag

These small bags focus on being lightweight and hands-free. They don’t obviously discount style as you can find a multitude of designs and styles that will suit your needs. They can be used as casual wear when running errands, or if you just need to free your hands when you’re on your night out. These bags are strapped around your body so it’s important that they complement and complete your ensemble.

When you’ve covered these basic types of bag you should be good to go. If you prefer one or two types of bags than the others, then you can explore different styles and colors to fill your palette. When you decide to choose one from your collection make sure you don’t only consider the style but also its function. Fashion is an expression of style, but it is not blind to the purpose of its design.


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