Outrageous Ideas for Living room curtains


The living room is the focal point of your home, it is the place where you welcome your guests and enjoy with the family.

Therefore, you always look for ways to design the living room to make it look more charming and sophisticated. There are a lot of things to be kept in view, like furniture, rugs, carpets, wall paints, hangings, and other accessories. But you cannot change all this in a limited budget, so is there something that can transform the look of your place without stressing your budget?

Well, we have the answer and the answer is yes, there is something that can completely transform your living room and create an everlasting impression on the visitors. This budget-friendly thing is the living room curtains. They play an important role in decorating your living room and make it look prettier and well designed. Living room curtains have additional benefits as well, like blocking light, providing more privacy, decreasing noise levels, and enhancing the interior.

Therefore, it is necessary to add a perfect pair of living room curtains to your place to make it stand out and intriguing. When selecting the curtains, determine whether you are going to give your living room a formal look or casual look? This will help you choose the color schemes, design, and the fabric material of curtains.

In this article, we are going to list up a few trending ideas to designs your living room curtains in 2020. Keep on reading to find out…

Living room curtains’ ideas

Before going to the curtain ideas, figure why you are adding curtains to your living room? Either you want to block light and make your living room dark and warm? Or you want to go for the sun-kissed living room and make your living room appear spacious and welcoming for the guests? Whatever the choice you make will greatly impact the appearance of your living room. Let’s go to the ideas…

Layering up the living room curtains

Layering up the living room curtains is a smart idea. This is something that cannot go wrong and offer you functional features. Layering up the living room curtains is fascinating and intriguing. It creates a volumetric look and gives an illusion of a full and stuffed living room. Layered living room curtains add more to the thermal insulation and help in controlling the temperature of the place. They moreover, help to keep the draughts out. You can open the curtain panels for letting the light and air pass through them or close them to keep all the light out and block the air as well. In addition to that, you can add multiple colors and designs in the form of layers and match them with the different accessories present in your living room.

Add heavy curtains to the living room windows

Curtains and drapes create a more formal look, they are specially designed to add style to your place. Heavier curtains like velvet, chenille, and heavy silk curtains to block out light, thermals, and draughts. They are difficult to maintain and care for. Heavier drapes need not be opened and closed frequently.

Go for sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are transparent curtains. They let all the light come into your place, so if you want the sunlight come in and fill your place with it slight, hangs ceiling to floor sheer curtains. They create a smooth and uniform appearance and are easy to care for. You can add a single panel of sheer curtains or layer them up according to your needs and enhance their functionality.

Add vibrant and vivid living room curtains

Colors play an important role. To bring life and vivid touch to your living room you can go for the bold and vibrant living room curtains. You can create a combination of brighter and neutral or bold and lighter colors to make your curtains outshine. They will add a touch of softness and liveliness to the place and also create a refreshing look. For a more complimentary look, you can match the colors with the furniture like sofas & chairs, or with the wall paint of your living room.



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