A lady’s guide to the ultimate all-around pump


There is something about a good pair of pumps; they bring an aura of confidence, formidable stature that comes with the swaying of the hips that seems to make the wearer look nothing short of stunning.

High-heeled pumps have become more popular than ever. Ladies have a love and hate with these shoes, however, love tips the scale!

Choosing the perfect pair of pumps can be a hard nut to crack. It needs to be all-round. You can wear the shoe with almost anything without looking like a clown. A classic pump can be worn in all seasons be it summer or winter. It’s excellent for different occasions at various times of the day. The Jimmy Choo pumps are definitely one for the books. These shoes are excellent for that important job interview where you want to shine and still rock them for an elegant dinner. Before you spend your hard-earned coins on a pair of pumps, there are several factors that you need to consider;

GET THE RIGHT FIT. Great pumps should be of the perfect fit for you to comfortably walk in. There isn’t a worse feeling on earth than having a pinching toe without a spare pair of flats to come to your rescue. The right fit should allow your toes to freely move around the shoe. Different regions have different shoe sizes; you could be a size 6 in one shoe brand and 7 in another so take keen notice. The shape of your feet is also another aspect to consider. Surveys show that ladies with plump feet would rather go for slingback shoes as compared to an all-closed up shoe as they give the feet more room to breathe.

QUALITY VS QUANTITY. The best shoe material known on earth is without a doubt, leather. It is the go-to material if you are looking for a shoe to last you a lifetime. One of the best features of leather is that it’s authentic and durable as compared to synthetic materials such as nylon or plastic. High-quality leather can withstand different weather conditions and a demanding work environment. Leather is eco-friendly as it’s biodegradable. Moreover, is quite breathable, contrary to popular beliefs; the material lets air inside the shoe for the feet to breathe. Additionally, leather is easy to clean and maintain as compared to other materials.

STRENGTH AND DURABILITY. A good pair of pumps should be strong enough to withstand the weight of your body. You don’t want to fall victim of broken heels and sprained heels. Any reputable shoe brand ideally has a warranty indicator that seeks to show the shelf-life of a shoe. The longer the warranty period the lengthier the shoe will serve you. Pay close attention to the lining of the shoe as the insole can tell you so much about the comfort of the shoe. The lining should be made of a material that can absorb moisture and allow the feet to breathe. This lining shouldn’t be only at the bottom but all around the shoe.

SOLE PLACEMENT. Like most things in life, the more cushioned something is, the better. A platform-style outsole provides a more comfortable heel to enable one to run the errands smoothly. An outsole made of rubber helps prevent slipping and makes it easier for one to walk on the heels. Of course, there are those ladies that would rather wear stiletto heels with thinner outsoles as they look more flamboyant and chic.

CHECK THE REVIEWS. In this age of internet and social media, checking product reviews is paramount. Take your time to search online for reviews on different shoe brands. Always check the website for the shoe brand you have narrowed your pick on. A good pair of pumps will have a strong online presence with a 5-star rating from users who have bought the shoe.


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