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How much more can Warrington take?


IT was good to catch up with Warrington Borough Council leader Russ Bowden this week to discuss various issues impacting on our town.

For the first time we conducted a live Q&A via social media (which can be seen below) where Cllr Bowden explained some of the complex issues including why the Council’s accounts have still not been signed off after two years.

Fingers crossed they will be signed off in March as any further delay will be viewed with much scepticism by the watching public.

Cllr Bowden also assures me that he is listening to public feedback, especially the 3,500 who sent in strong opposition to the proposed Local Plan – especially plans to build in Green Belt.

Once again the proof will be in the pudding. I look forward to more interviews with Cllr Bowden moving forward, subject to the council elections in May when the public will get their chance to have their say on how they feel the council is performing.

Meanwhile we all watch with bated breath for the outcome of Eddie Stobart’s appeal against the development of green belt land with a new distribution centre at Appleton Thorn.

A decision is expected in March with the outcome having huge implications for the future development of green belt land in the south of the borough.

As we watch existing greenfield sites disappearing to make way for hundreds of new homes as a legacy of the old New Town development plan, one wonders just how much more our town can take, as we spend more and more time sitting in traffic jams, polluting our town and planet!

Council accounts set to be signed off in March ?


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  1. I’ve attended two of Cllr Bowden’s feedback sessions. First of all, kudos to him for turning out and meeting the public – in itself, that’s a good step.

    I have to say that I found his responses to my questions and comments very unhelpful, though. He didn’t actually answer any difficult questions at all. ‘Commercial confidentiality’ is real enough – I work in a commercial environment, I understand this stuff – but a complete blackout on any information simply isn’t acceptable.

    I think a shakeup is due.

    • The saga of WBC’s, under Cllr Bowden’s leadership, studied reluctance to answer a reasonable FOI request on this administration’s investment in one of the Redwood companies, not the bank as we were led to believe, is further evidence that Cllr Bowden’s claim he wants to have an open, honest and transparent discussion with the voters of Warrington is pretty much the let down experience you had Jim. Even some pressure from the Information Commissioner has failed so far to make them disclose all reasonably requested information.

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