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Top Health Benefits of taking a Holiday


by Ian Robinson

We all enjoy some time to relax, don’t we? And there are plenty of added health benefits from taking a holiday.

However, when it comes to the places we work, recent research shows us that so many people have unused holiday each year, which has a massive effect on our mental health and our physical abilities as we push our bodies, here’s a list of the benefits of letting us book you a holiday.

Reduction Of Stress
We all need stress to get our work done in some way, but every time research is released it shows us that 80% of people in the workplace suffer with stress within their work life, and medical evidence shows over that 70% of people visit their GP are related to mental or physical stress.

Increased Productivity & Creativity
Regular holidays are proven to boost our creativity and productivity in general, a change in everyday life and routines allow us to recognise what we are missing out on, we experience situations clearer, with improved thinking and increased creatively, once we switch off and move away from the workplace on a holiday or following our dreams.

Makes Us Happier with Energy Boost
So much time at work, working long hours and not taking all our holidays, leaves us feeling frustrated and totally exhausted before we even venture on our holidays, moving away from the workplace and change in routine can reduce potential flashpoints at work or at home, and make us feel a lot happier, it’s all about life balance.

Improves Our Intelligence
Our body requires downtime, and time to reboot; and when we ignore its natural cycle causes us fatigue (which come in 90-minute periods), and it just dismissing the body’s need to reboot and refresh, regular breaks during the day are good.

Increased Energy
Removing ourselves from business deadlines and high-pressure environments reduces our body stress, and changes our mindset, the big advantage of taking our holidays it reduces our depressed or anxious mood swings, and brings calm and relaxation in our lives

We Can Fight Colds & Viruses
It’s so true, in the workplace we can suffer constant colds and viruses and never get right, holidays help us to keep our body healthy & refreshed, continual working and lack of rest, will result in our body being run down, causing chronic stress and compromising our bodies fitness.

Improves Our Relationship
We all know that precious time with our partner or family during our holidays gives us more time to bond, just having regular none work conversion will make a massive difference, we don’t need experts to tell us time together, especially away on holidays build closer bonds and connectedness with each other.

Improves Our Confidence
Researchers confirm that people return from a holiday with boost in self-belief and energy, and approach situations and business projects with more confidence, and happier to tackle issues or situations as they happen.

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