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Eat your heart out London -Warrington clearly the place to be!


WITH more and more retailers closing on the high street BBC Radio 4 visited Warrington to see how independent businesses in the town are fighting back.

The broadcast took place at Shelly’s Restaurant on Bold Street, which Michele Butterworth sold her home to launch in 2003,  alongside her hair Salon Michele & Co, which opened 30 years ago.

Michele explained how it was a daily battle to keep her business going with the changes taking place on the high street but battled on offering good quality food including chocolate fudge cake and scones!

Also taking part in the interview was warrington-worldwide Editor Gary Skentelbery, a director of Warrington Chamber of Comerce, who highlighted all the positive things taking place in the town centre, including the development of the new Warrington Market, a new multi-screen cinema and the launch of the Warrington Buyers Club.

To hear the full interview on the “You and Yours” show, which highlighted the latest shop closing figures being at a five year high and Warrington being above the national average, check out the link below.





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  1. Loved Shelly’s get up and do it attitude – hope you didn’t eat too much chocolate cake – but you looked good today running past Mayor’s Corner in the parkrun. Great to hear you on the other side of the mike 🙂

  2. And I’ll be chasing after you when and if I get my new hip – currently I’ve got this years time down from 65 mins at the Birkenhead parkrun to 39.22 at the Sunrise Country Park parkrun 2 weeks ago 🙂 and that’s with a clapped out under carriage and gritted teeth. I’m a bit like an old banger slow and very painful to start and then into 2nd but can’t make 3rd even with a double de clutch and my little toe is sticking out of my left trainer as featured in my Spittle Brook holding back the flood yesterday. See Warrington Nature Conservation Forum Facebook.

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