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Normal rules for running country “thrown overboard” say Lib Dems


NORMAL rules for running the country have been thrown overboard as the Government careers from one crisis to another, according to Liberal Democrats in Warrington.
Cllr Ryan Bate, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Warrington South said: “Our prime minister is hell-bent on taking us out of Europe, with or without a deal.
“The independent Office for Budget Responsibility has warned that ‘no-deal’ would cost the public purse £30 billion every year for the next four years.
“Liberal Democrats have fought for more cash for our schools, the police and the health service to start to put right the cuts from a regime of Tory austerity that has gone on far too long. But residents in Warrington will see little benefit from the chancellor’s public spending announcements last week if we crash out without a deal.
Cllr Bate said the government was occupied with playing politics to concentrate on important issues like climate change, housing and social care.
“Brexit has crowded out everything else. If it ever comes to pass, I welcome the short-term fix of an extra £1 billion in grants for social care to councils like Warrington.
“But the other £0.5 billion of the £1.5 billion total would come from an increase in a social care precept, similar to council tax, levied by our council. This is not new government money.
“Sadly the Labour opposition nationally does the country no favours and we still don’t know where they stand on Europe. Do they support Remain or Leave? Some of their senior politicians are clear, but its leader is not. At least the opposition parties have come together to thwart the Government on the October 31 date,which is a positive development.
“The Liberal Democrats are the only viable ‘Remain Party’ with a clear policy on Europe. We also have clear policies on what needs to be done to get the country back on its feet again.”


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  1. We need a better electoral system than First Past The Post. Only when that happens will the electorate be served by a better quality of MPs. The only people who favour our present inequitable electoral system are the current crop of politicians, who will find and argue every which way to justify it. It only favours the politicians but is the cause of many of the electorate’s problems. Not the least of which is that it essentially and legally disenfranchises large swathes of voters.

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