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The prominence of barcode labels for an efficient business


Have you been looking for a top quality, reliable barcode labels maker? Label.co.uk is one of the best platforms, specializing in custom printed and industry ready labels on rolls, for brands of all shapes and sizes.

Historically, a lot of printing companies and individuals have used dot matrix and laser printers to create common barcodes. These printers work like a photocopier, projecting the drum and attracting different toner particles, and turning the style directly into the paper.

Laser printers provide a much better quality of product than dot matrix printers. Thermal printers can be used to manufacture high quality barcode labels. On specialized thermal paper, heat is passed on and that results in the printed labels. The quality is not compromised in the process and the durability and longevity is maintained.

Different printing solutions will produce different results, so you should consider what you want the finish product to look like when choosing a printing service. The direct thermal based printers are able to create black coloured barcodes, text and images on paper labels or rolls that are heat sensitive. Anything which is printed over them usually lasts between 6 months to 12 months and gradually starts to fade. Exposure to sunlight could increase the fading process.

If you are looking for custom barcode labels or professional printing solutions, then make sure to opt for services from a trusted and well akcnowlged service provider like label.co.uk. Label print a wide range of barcodes as well as QR codes on product labels, roll labels, promotional stickers and more with ease. For barcode labels, they offer solutions that are freezer grade, have permanent adhesive, are removable without residue left, and are washable. Feel free to discuss your full requirements with them to get the best labelling solution for your business.


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