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Different types of antisocial behaviour and how to report it


When you move to a new house or you have someone in your area moving house it can be daunting to meet your neighbours to see what they are like.

Having neighbours that are loud and cause trouble can really put you off staying in that area. If you have neighbours that are always very loud or causing problems it can be known as antisocial behaviour. If it is a reoccurring thing then it would be best to report the incidents so they can be dealt with at the time. If you are unsure what antisocial behaviour actually is or how to report it, then not to worry; in this article, we will discuss different types of antisocial behaviour and how to report it. If you are interested and you would like to find out more, keep reading for further information.

Noisy Neighbours

If you live in a quiet area, usually you choose to live there because it is quiet or if you have young children. If you have a neighbour and it is a special occasion; a birthday, New Year or another type of celebration, they might be having a party and because it doesn’t happen a lot, you might be fine with that. Although, if you are being disturbed by this, you could always go over and chap the door and ask them to turn the music down a bit. However, if you have nuisance neighbours that always have people around and are always loud and rowdy, this can be a major problem for you and other neighbours. If your neighbours are being inconsiderate with the level of noise they are making, you should make a complaint to the local council.

Suspicious Activity

If you notice any suspicious activity, for example, more visitors to a house than usual, changing residents, secretive residents, expensive new items, substance misuse or any other activity, it is important that you report it to the police so they can investigate further. This is because it could be a sign of country line drugs smuggling and dealing them which is very serious and also an offence.


Another type of antisocial behaviour that many people witness is violence. If you notice violence in your area with fighting and arguing, then it is important to report this to the police in order for them to help and to solve the problem that has been caused.

In Conclusion

Overall, there are many different types of antisocial behaviour that happen in many different areas and in this article we mentioned some of the most reported and serious ones that affect many people. If you ever find that you are in a situation where there is antisocial behaviour, keep this article in mind and use it as a guide of what to do and what to look out for.


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