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Ways businesses are improving their focus on company perks and employee retention


Company perks and employee retention are very important goals for businesses everywhere. In many respects, they’re hallmarks of how good a business really is.

Unhappy workers and an excess of resignations mean that something is fundamentally broken within the company and needs to be resolved quickly.

Consequently, one crucial question needs to be addressed; how are businesses improving their focus on company perks and employee retention?

Flexible Hours

Working from home is an option that’s becoming increasingly sought after by employees these days. Whether it’s the chance to escape the stress of an office environment or to better one’s mental health, employees are constantly gravitating toward this perk. Are businesses keen, or are they pulling away from these kinds of schemes?

Well, many companies out there are introducing this perk more often, though some still resist to the dismay of their employees, some of whom claiming to quit if they can’t work from home. After all, it’s a way to keep workers happy while also ensuring that the work itself gets done. Staff may well work harder from home because it will then mean they can attend to more personal affairs sooner, particularly if they have kids to look after or sick loved ones to take care of. So long as the work gets done, who cares?

Salary Finance

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for a workplace to overwork their staff and practically ignore every other aspect of their wellbeing. In some environments, they’re barely seen as people, but as machines that should produce results, occasionally perform nearly pointless tasks and keep quiet about all their issues and concerns. Moreover, they’re often also critically underpaid too.

However, their worries and concerns are being addressed in some companies today. For example, if workers have financial concerns, then salary finance is one-way employers are starting to help them here. These services enable workers to begin and maintain a strong saving habit, and thereby improve their financial situation overtime. Consequently, this is a high level of workplace wellbeing for a company to offer, and may even stop workers leaving for their roles for marginally better pay elsewhere.

One-on-One Meetings

If employees are unhappy with the workplace, then it’s almost guaranteed they will not be quiet about that fact. Even if they’re apprehensive about confronting a boss directly, they will at least inform their friends and family about how terrible their job, colleagues or superiors are. It might seem harmless to begin with, but when enough people complain out of working hours, a bad reputation starts to form and eventually become public.

Therefore, it’s the responsibility of a company to ensure that they’re building a strong report with their workers. One of the ways businesses are doing this is through a productive one-on-one meeting. Staff can vent their frustrations here in a controlled and professional environment, and list the perks they desire, which may just prevent them from resigning in the near future. Thereafter, a company can use the feedback as data to improve the business, thereby building a better report between employer and employee and increasing retention rates.


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