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Dubai – a perfect place for starting your business


Today’s Dubai amazes the imagination of even the most experienced travelers: buildings reaching the sky, green areas, air-conditioned bus stops, perfect cleanliness and other unique features.

Businessmen also understand how ideal this modern city is for conducting business.

The results of an international survey showed that entrepreneurs see the top three cities most in demand for business, like London, San Francisco, Dubai. Dubai deserves third place, according to businessmen, because it is located at the intersection of major trade routes, and its government is doing everything to further strengthen international relations and simplify the work of foreign entrepreneurs.

Experts note that one of the main advantages of starting a business in Dubai is its readiness to follow the new trends of the market and not just adapt to them, but use them as profitably as possible. The government of the emirate also helps this, because it finishes construction projects, expands infrastructure, improves legislation in a truly fantastic time frame.

Types of companies that can be opened in Dubai

After such studies and the opinions of international experts, there is no doubt that Dubai has managed to win the title of one of the most powerful global business centers for a long time. The government of the Emirate is actively helping Business life, annually issuing specific laws that lead to an influx of investment, the emergence of new projects, the development of various industrial sectors.

For company incorporation in Dubai, you can choose one of the following types:

  1.  Free Zone Company – Dubai’s free zones are the most desirable locations for international businesses and provide them with numerous benefits. These include the possibility of 100% foreign ownership of the company, customs privileges, absence of taxes, a well-developed transport network, a large consumer base, affordable cost of skilled labor and others.
  2.  Local Company – this is the most common form of business in Dubai. However, the participation of UAE resident in such company is mandatory. Therefore, to open a local company, you need to find a local sponsor that will own 51% of its shares.
  3.  Offshore Company – International Business Company that have no right to conduct business within the United Arab Emirates and can operate only on the international market. Nevertheless, offshore companies in Dubai can open a bank account or have real estate here.

The advantages of opening an offshore company in Dubai

An offshore company in Dubai is a company that is registered in one of the free zones of the emirate and receives a local legal address but should operate only outside the country.

The main advantages of offshore company setup Dubai are as follows:

  •          A foreigner can remain the sole owner of the company without involving a local partner.
  •          Absence of income tax and corporate tax.
  •          The Dubai government does not practice any currency restrictions for foreign businessmen.
  •          There are international ports and airports on the territory of Dubai, which is especially important for international trade and business relations with foreign partners.
  •          The confidentiality of your data will be under reliable protection.
  •          You do not need to submit annual reports to the government of Dubai.
  •          The registration procedure for this type of company does not require much time.

If you want to open an offshore company or any other type of company in the UAE without any problems and unnecessary costs, you just need to contact S.H Business Adviser specialists. Experienced employees of the company will advise you on any questions and help you go through all the stages of business registration in the shortest terms.


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