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Newest trends in bachelor parties


Saddled with planning a bachelor party and wondering how? Check out our list of newest trends in bachelor parties here.

Good news, your buddy is getting married, and the all too important role of best man has been given to you. This saddles you with a host of responsibilities, one of which is organizing the bachelor party. If you’ve never been involved in organizing one before, you might just be wondering, how to plan a bachelor party. What exactly does it entail, and how do I go about planning one that is so perfect, it blows all our socks off?

Well, the tradition of bachelor parties is an old one, and it has changed over the years. We are able to not only give you tips on pulling off a great bachelor party. We can also show you what the new trends are of this age old tradition. All of the usual antics are going out of style, and these days people are even coming up with stripper-free bachelor party ideas. Sounds surprising, no?

Best Bachelor Party Ideas

Time changes everything, and even though it seems that men wouldn’t consider an event a man bachelor party without debauchery and male bonding over certain sexual content, the tides seem to be turning. Wondering what’s a bachelor party without all listed above?

Well, old and long-standing traditions are giving way to new ones. And now, all that matters is that they commemorate this rite of passage with something memorable and fun. From budget friendly to costly, we have here a list of wedding bachelor party ideas, that fall into this category.

A Baseball Game

Have a day out in the sun with your guys, whether you have the right numbers for the game or not. Buy some fast food and a keg of beer, and make your own rules as you go along. Relieve your past times and add some motivation to winning that keeps your time together interesting. Don’t forget to take some fun photos.

Go Bowling

Another activity that is great for bachelor party planning, bowling is fun and won’t break the bank. Reserve a few lanes for your buddies and perhaps a few prizes for the winners. Order some beer and snacks, and you’re off to the start of a great night and some fun bachelor party activities.

Go Camping

You don’t have to ponder too much on what to do for a bachelor party. If your buddy loves the wild, then a night out camping might just be the thing to celebrate this bachelor party. Camping trips can be lots of fun from the road trip to the location, to the actual time together underneath the stars. Put your gear together and some good camping food, games and other party basics. Potatoes, steaks, coleslaw, board games and maybe a frisbee. Don’t forget the beer and remember to leave your phones in the car for a great bonding experience.

Go Fishing

If one of you has a fishing boat, great. If not, then you can rent a boat and the fishing gear. Nothing as enjoyable as time together, catching or not catching fish as the case may be, and comparing sizes when you do catch any. Award a prize to the person with the biggest catch, and have a cookout afterwards to enjoy the catch of the day and some cold beer.

Las Vegas Night

An opportunity to spend a night playing poker is what a bachelor party is. You don’t get this opportunity to gamble with your friends often, and Las Vegas sets the scene for a truly awesome time together. Set limits for yourselves so you don’t run the risk of losing too much, and make sure to have a good time.


A more expensive option, and surely not one for everyone, is this once in a lifetime activity. Find a skydiving company you can trust and take the plunge with experienced instructors. There are no strict rules for what happens at a bachelor party; you create yours. Talk about a memorable and male bonding experience; this one surely tops the list.

Rent Villas in Cabo

Another pricey idea is to rent a villa for the weekend, in the adult party town of Cabo. Here you can’t run out of things to do for a bachelor party. A place that is known to have it all, from world famous nightlife to action packed entertainment, you are sure to get your money’s worth. Activities like rock climbing, parasailing, horse riding, zip lining and scuba diving will give you the memorable moments and male bonding experience you are looking for.

If most of our ideas aren’t close to what you had in mind, we hope we have given you enough to get you started on planning a bachelor party. These are only samples, which you can build upon. However, if we have been able to give you a clue, then great. Go out and have the time of your lives, celebrating this milestone in true 2019 fashion. Leave old traditions behind and embrace the new trends of today for planning bachelor parties.




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