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Warrington For Europe enthusiastic for European elections


THE Warrington For Europe campaigners are enthusiastic about the possibility of European elections next month.

Graham Gowland, Chair of the Warrington for Europe Group says “Brexit is a shambles. That is agreed by virtually everybody in the town. Our nation is on the brink of a leap in the dark that was not on the ballot paper in a three year old referendum.”

A referendum that was won by a small margin, by a campaign that acted illegally and whose leaders have mostly refused to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

“Our MPs have been told to “get on with it” but they are not responsible for this mess. Rather they have a duty to make sense of what has happened. Despite the narrowness of the result and the loss of their majority our Government has set its own objectives and ignored the concerns and anxieties of half their citizens. They have overlooked the plight of the 3 million EU citizens living in our communities who had no vote and now find themselves and their families with an uncertain future.”

David Myall, Warrington for Europe supporter added: “Nearly 16,000 people in Warrington signed the on line petition to simply revoke Article 50 and stop Brexit. As a group there’s nothing we’d like more, but we recognise the need for the proper consultation with the British people that should have taken place after the referendum. As a result, we need more time, to delay Brexit, take part in the European elections (why should we be afraid of a bit of democracy?) and finally put whatever deal is agreed to a further vote. At that point, we believe the British people would recognise that the current deal with the EU is better. If they did not, then at least they would have made a decision based on facts.”

Graham concluded: “We are not aligned to any political party but we believe democracy didn’t end in 2016. As such, we are delighted that it seems likely we will be taking part in the elections to the European Parliament next month. We will be working hard to get out the pro-EU vote, encouraging young people to register and to make sure EU citizens know they can vote (which they could not in the referendum). After the 1,000,000 strong march in London and the 6,000,000 signatures calling for revoking article 50, this is our next opportunity to tell the Government we won’t be ignored.”


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    • Most people find that euro-sceptic MEPs such as Farage are a waste of time. Good at trolling and showboating but not very good at furthering the UK’s interests in the union.

      What Brits really needed to do was to engage with the political process like grown ups and elect competent, hard working MEPs to Europe and then reap the benefits but, sadly, too many Brits are a bit dim and always gravitated towards reading the lies of the anti-EU gutter press and blathering on about bendy bananas and the good old days “when we used to pick our own fruit and veg and travel from farm to farm”

      As The Telegraph declared today in response to a ruling declaring Johnson told a blatant lie: “Of course everyone understands no one is meant to take Boris Johnson’s amusing articles seriously or depend on them for facts. He makes stuff up – that’s why we employ him and our readers read him. It’s all just a jolly jape. We pay Johnson 250k a year to peddle untruths to wealthy Tories and English racists and conspiracy theorists. No one in this office expects or asks Johnson to stick to the truth” (I paraphrase).

    • What does leave mean for European doctors and nurses working in the NHS and the people who defined on them to stay alive?

      Any details?

      I appreciate brexiters think that mindless slogans suffice, and details are not worth bothering with, but I’m not a Brexiter.

  1. David Myall( why should we be afraid of a bit of democracy) what a load of s–t 2016 you want to be in Europe. don’t preach to other about democracy when you don’t like the result

  2. Graham Gowland how many people in Warrington have you actually spoke because you must chose to only speak to people who have the same view as you, on the ballot paper 3 years ago was leave or remain leave won, i find it very condescending that you speak for Warrington who are you are you elected by the people of Warrington no come Election time the main party’s will see what the country want’s

    • Graham Remainer Gowland on

      Hi Mark, most weekends I stand in some corner of Warrington and have spoken to probably a thousand people. You should try it some time!

  3. It’s like the comedy store on here tonight with the wild allegations and the pitiful excuses for having lost the referendum.
    Would be more truthful to admit the EU is dysfunctional and does not benefit huge swathes of our communities.
    If you don’t have faith in democratic decisions why are you planning to field candidates?

  4. I voted remain
    The majority voted leave
    I accept it was a majority vote to leave
    I think its disappointing that many remainer’s categorise leavers as racist, and ill informed.
    I will be voting for any candidate who promises to honour the result of the referendum

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