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MP launches traffic survey ahead of call for action


WARRINGTON South MP Faisal Rashid has launched a traffic survey as a prelude to demanding action from the borough council to ease congestion.
He wants residents to have their say on traffic congestion and highlight problem areas – and to put forward their own ideas on possible solutions.
The survey is running until May 5, after which Mr Rashid will be taking the findings to the town’s transport bosses for action.
He said: “I am regularly contacted by constituents who tell me they are fed-up with the intolerable levels of traffic congestion in Warrington South. The local road and motorway network is already at the point of gridlock during peak times. If there is an incident on the surrounding motorway network local roads come to a standstill.
“Traffic congestion is leading to significant delays – even for motorists travelling very short distances. And this isn’t just affecting travel time to and from work. It can mean missed hospital appointments or delays for parents dropping off and collecting their children from school or childcare. My constituents tell me they want to see action taken to tackle the traffic misery.
“I am conducting a traffic survey to get a better understanding of the problems and how my constituents are affected. As part of the survey I am asking Warrington South residents for ideas on how traffic congestion in the constituency can be relieved. I will be presenting the results from my survey back to senior Warrington transport officials and I will be asking what action can be taken to tackle the traffic misery.
“The survey is open to all Warrington South residents and will be running until 5th May 2019. You can take part via the following link www.faisalrashid.com/fr-traffic-survey-2019-2/”


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  1. Surely it shouldn’t be down to Warrington South Residents to put forward ideas of how traffic congestion could be relieved and rectified(or any other residents in the town who are obviously also affected by the towns gridlock). The council never listen to what residents anyway !!
    Warrington Council have an ‘experienced’ and dedicated team of people who are supposedly paid to do this sort of thing and have presumably already done traffic monitoring surveys and realise there are HUGE problem hence the reason they are building two new bridges…ooh hang on a minute those bridges will enable currently unused land to have 1000’s of new homes build along the way leading to 1000’s of more cars on the roads not to mention all the cars from the other big new housing developments everywhere proposed for our greenbelt.
    Your wasting your time Mr Rashid and ours too…sorry if that sounds harsh but the council will just do what they like regardless just as is happening higher up. We mortals and our views mean nothing !

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