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Eight-year-old Anna creates soap business


AN 8-year-old Warrington girl has successfully created a soap business after thinking of idea after visiting her local gym.

After a particularly hard workout at her local CrossFit gym, Anna limped and limbered out of the arena and into the shop with a group of other athletes who were sweaty, tired and aching.

‘Dad,’ she observed, ‘there are lots of things here to help; T-Shirts and clothing, energy bars and drinks, but what’s the first thing everyone does?’

‘Erm, I’m not too sure Anna,’ was the response from a sweaty, tired and aching dad Ben.

‘Get a shower, I hope,’ was the response, ‘but there’s no soap!’

In January 2019 after this astute observation, SoapFIT was born as the brainchild of an eight-year-old child who spotted an opportunity.

With little more than some guidance and questioning, Anna picked her own brand name, dealt with graphic designers to pick a company logo and designed and created a range of soaps, naming them each after her favourite CrossFit athletes. As interest in the product grew, Dad took on the necessary safety and cosmetic regulation bureaucracies to make sure all I’s were dotted and t’s crossed so Anna could sell her soaps as a legitimate business.

With the support of 21st century tech, websites and social media to promote the soap, it was with a twist of fate that Anna’s first market stall, with the Warrington Makers Market, was re-sited to Golden Gates Old Market Square.

As a sixth-generation Warringtonian, Anna was treading in the steps of her Great-Great Grandfathers who had shops nearby. Great-Great Grandfather Britton owned ‘Brittons’ furniture shop on Bold Street and Great-Great Grandfather Hart owned ‘Ye Olde Bacon Shoppe’ on Lime Street.

Warrington’s industrial history is coming full circle as Mr Britton, prior to being in the furniture business, was a wire-drawer at Rylands, playing as a Prop for their Rugby team (this picture below taken in 1914).

“With Warrington’s three major trades being Wire, Brewing and Soap – I’m sure Anna’s forebears would approve of her venture,” added proud dad Ben.

Anna had a fantastic first day’s trading despite some pretty chilly weather and grew in confidence as the day went on. Learning about profit and loss accounts (maths), describing her soaps and scents (English Language), designing the logos (art) and growing the business (business management) didn’t seem like school, but she’s learnt a huge amount in these early stages!


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