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6 Sites Every Sports Fan Should Know


A love for sport is something that no sports fan can give up on. Remember re-scheduling your work timings and returning home early to watch matches on TV? And staying up late just to know the final outcome of the match?

However, more often than not, your professional life will keep you engaged in work so as to leave no time for live matches. So, what can you do about it? It’s quite simple really. You can log onto a website that keeps you updated on the scoreboard and other trends in the sports field, and that too irrespective of the sport you like.

Although there are multiple sites that grants sport lovers the advantage of being on top of the game, there are those sites that have a thing or two that gives them an edge. The 6 top sites are discussed below:

1. Sports Reference

This particular site has sub categories for specific sports such as Baseball, Pro-football, Hockey, Basketball, College football and College Basketball, to mention but a few.

Also, sites such as FBref and Stathead have been incorporated to answer your queries about statistic detailing. The provision of newsletters and subscribed emails are meant to keep you updated about the sport of your choice.

The site claims to provide Sabermetric analysis of various sports. Sabermetric analysis focuses upon the performance data that helps predict the outcome of a specific match such as baseball. This way, you know that the game’s outcome is backed by strategy, in terms of selection and positioning of players done much in advance and not impulsively.

2. Online Sports websites

Since you cannot carry your TV everywhere, a list of online sports news websites can help give you 24/7 updates on sports without concerning yourself about connectivity.

A few news websites of repute include Sporting News, ESPN, Sky Sports, SportsFlashes, SB Nation, and more. ESPN and Sporting News, provides you with real time scores, highlights of the game, commentary on games such as the NFL, NBA, College Football and some such. If you need more specific information, you can always check out a recent and updated BT Sport TV Guide.

The highlights of the game can help you experience the thrill of watching the best moves made in the game without actually having to go through long drawn out game sessions.

Sky Sports focuses on games such as Football, tennis, golf, cricket, Rugby, F1, boxing and more to allow easy access to sports fans who have varied interests in sports.

Sports Flashes has a feature enabling you to gain information in your preferred language, with widespread coverage of sports like athletics, Olympics, IPL. This specific focus on sports of international standards sets it apart from other sites.

3. Sports Fan Engagement Sites

All professional games are supported by brands that invest in maintaining the support that their team has, by offering features that make the sport an unforgettable experience. Also, inclusion of fans in brand driven events and clubs keeps up the follower base of the team at all times.

For example, the European club AS Roma’s website has been created based on an interaction with fans and their requirements. So, the fans can avail the benefits of a website that is tailored according to the consumer’s wishes.

4. Stubhub Website

The benefit of this website is that it allows you to purchase tickets to games of your choice, whichever they may be. The sports are split into sub-categories and the venue and time of the year is mentioned, so as to allow you to reschedule other appointments and gain a live match experience by buying tickets from anywhere in the world.

Also, it gives you the additional advantage of reselling tickets to the match you have purchased, but wouldn’t be going to. Thus, it will save you some money which can be considered as an investment than a complete loss.

5. Commercial websites

MultiSportsHub and Target are websites that offer a range of sporting equipment’s that can be purchased at affordable costs, so that you are ready in advance for the sporting season and you have the gear necessary to give a boost to your love for sports.

The MultiSportsHub provides its customers with multiple payment options. Also, they give out newsletters that can help you in being up-to-date on the latest trends in sports.

Target is a retail outlet that sells products and sports gears online, which can turn the sporting experience around with easy access to sporting equipment and free shipping feature.

6. Yahoo! Sports

The website provides the latest scores, standings of players and teams, fantasy games for fun and rumours related to favourite players and more. A specific detailing to sports related news and catchy headlines can give you a brief look at the events that you are interested in. Imagine being able to feel the pressure and excitement of being in the midst of a thrilling game and too while sitting at home.

Yahoo! Sports gives you the privilege of engaging in fantasy basketball games, to give you an insider’s perspective of the game.


These were the six sites that were deemed important for sports fans everywhere. In case you want to check out another site that would provide you with similar and brief information on sports, you can rely on some great reviews to do so.

They provide detailed accounts of varied sports by date, time, event and the channel that it would air on, so that you never miss a favourite sport again.


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