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How to beat the fear of public speaking and give a speech like a pro


Public speaking is undoubtedly is an art that can be mastered with time and practice.

Most of the people are scared of holding a microphone and addressing a large number of audiences or making a presentation. But with the help of practice and few smart tricks, one can not only master oratory skills but can also inspire members of the audience with your presentation skills and speech. So next time you have a big speech to give, make sure to implement these steps and make an everlasting impact:

  • Invest in your personality: Your personality speaks more than your words. Having a confident and pleasant personality matters a lot in public speaking as it triggers interest in people and helps to establish you as a brand. Grooming is part of having a confident personality and you can check Best Deals and Discounts for UK’s Top Brands from By Discount Codes before investing in formal clothes and merchandising. Before going on stage invest in yourself, have a positive outlook, wear clean and formal clothes, it will help you feel confident and self-assured.
  • Start with an icebreaker: Your audience is oblivious to your personality and so are you unaware of your audience. When you prepare for your speech, try to start with an icebreaker in the form of a funny incident or a small interactive session or a riddle related to the topic of the hour. This will help to create an informal environment where people will feel at ease and interact with you.
  • Connect with the audience with a real-life story: Sharing real-life experiences or success stories is a smart way of connecting with people. Everybody has similar problems and doubts when a speaker shares his life story or transformation story, people connect and feel motivated. This connection or sense of belongingness goes a long way in public speaking and alleviates fear or nervousness in the mind of a speaker.
  • Keep it relatable and interactive: It is important to keep the audience engrossed in the speech and that is possible only if they will relate to you. Nobody wants one-way communication or a boring lecture, try to make your speech interactive and include your audience by keeping a question/answer session or quiz or games. Stories or games are a fun way yet an insightful way of teaching a concept and keep the session lively. So, do not hesitate in interacting with your audience and make them feel one with you.
  • Practice is the art of perfection: If you have stage fear then practice is the key to perfection. Practice your session in front of a small group of the target audience; encourage them to ask you question and practice as much as you can. This will help to build confidence and your peers will give you feedback according to which you can fill your loopholes.

To conclude, many people make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to their stage fear. So, it is advisable to follow these steps and become a pro motivational speaker.


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