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“ We want the final say ” campaigners at Town Hall


VIDEO – “We want the final say” campaigners met outside the Town Hall yesterday (Saturday) to unveil their “Ditch the Deal” digital Advan.

Supporters of “We want the final say” – a partnership by Hope Not Hate and Best for Britain, both organisations which are calling for a second referendum, gathered to promote their pro remain message.

The cross party group included new Council leader Russ Bowden, outgoing leader Terry O’Neil, and around a dozen Parish and Borough Councillors as well as concerned members of the public.

Andy Loynes, regional organiser for the “We want the final say” campaign, said supporters and activists were here to welcome the “Ditch the Deal” digital advan which would be on display outside the Town Hall steps before it set out on a tour of the town to spread the word that the deal is bad for Warrington and its workers.

Speaking for the group Lymm Parish Councillor , Graham Gowland, explained “We are meeting here today to say we need to ditch the deal which Theresa May has put forward. We don’t want to leave without a deal and feel that the choice should be put back before the country.”

Bolstered by recent poll figures showing a reversal in how the Town feels regarding the Referendum and by a petition for a Final Say passing the 1 million signature mark, the group will be in town centre next Saturday to answer questions and speak to members of the public regarding what has become a very divisive and sometimes bitter issue.

Warrington Worldwide were on hand to live stream the event on Facebook which led to a heated debate in the comments section from supporters of both sides of the argument.

Posted by Warrington worldwide on Saturday, December 1, 2018


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  1. Looks like a very small turnout. Bit odd considering the spokesperson and group keep telling us via the press that most of Warrington have now ‘Changed Their Minds’ and are strongly against Brexit now. Clearly not or the town hall grounds would have been packed. Just saying like…….

    Everyone’s entitled to their own view though and some want to Remain and some want to Leave and the Leave Vote Won. What will be will be and not worth everyone falling out about it or spending every waking hour thinking and talking about nothing else. Life WILL go on after Brexit and we will all be fine 😀

    • I don’t The event was ever planned as a show of strength or mass protest Dizzy. I think it was simply a press call to unveil the Adbus. The Final Say campaign is national and the petition for a final vote on any deal has now passed 1 million signatures. The magazine reported on the latest local poll figures last week.

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