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Four Types of People Who Would Love These Personalised Presents


While Christmas shopping this year, you may have noticed that everywhere is doing personalised, monogrammed gifts.

Almost every single high street store from Next to Primark is doing makeup bags and mugs with initials on them, while online, there’s no end to the presents you can personalise. For those of us who often struggle to find gifts for our loved ones, things couldn’t be better. Here, we’ll be looking at some of the personalised gifts you can get your friends, family and even those people you sort of know and should probably buy a present for.

The Bookworm

For people who often like to delve into a fictional world, there’s nothing better than a brand-new book for Christmas. Well, maybe there is one thing: a book that’s based entirely around them. For some, this may seem a little egomaniacal, but if there’s a reader in your life you really care about, they’re sure to be truly touched by how much effort you’ve put into their gift. If this sounds good, we recommend The Book of Everyone, a personalised tome that you can have made just by providing the recipient’s name, date of birth and a bit of insider knowledge.

The Type-A Organised One

We all know and love one of these, and if you don’t, it very well may be you. Organised people are a godsend, especially to those of us who are less than prepared for daily life. They make fantastic friends, parents and co-workers, as they’ll never be late or leave you hanging when it comes to plans. Still, being that organised requires a lot of thought and planning, so the best thing you could possibly get them is a personalised calendar or diary. Not only are you helping them organise their lives – and probably yours, too – but you’ve added that extra little flare of meaningful photographs that they’ll really appreciate.

The Fashionista

Here’s where there’s a little more choice in what you can have personalised, as every piece of clothing and even every accessory can now be made to order. If your fashionista is into shoes, Adidas now do low-key kicks with embossed gold lettering on the side, while Cambridge Satchel still has those adorable bags with timeless designs that you can personalise for as little as £7. Meanwhile, online store Etsy is packed full of crafty people making everything from jewellery to hairbrushes that can be customised in almost any style you want.

The Lad

Ah, the awkward male. Perhaps he’s your husband, your brother or your friend: no matter how close you are to them when it comes to gifts, he might as well be a stranger. You know he likes things, but what those things are aren’t exactly clear. Never fear, as here a few ideas that may help you through this difficult time. If your lad has a sweet tooth, Selfridges have started monogramming everything including treats like Reese’s spreads. Your lad is more of a sporty type? Well, Mitre now makes personalised footballs, with three different colours to choose from. No matter how vague your knowledge may be about the lad in your life, chances are you can get a monogrammed, personalised version of something online.

Are there any other personalised gifts we should add to the list? Is there anywhere in town that is packed full of ideas we haven’t come up with? Let us know in the comments below.


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