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Is it possible to find a good tutor online


It is fine if you have time to learn a massive flow of information that you are given in your educational institution.

And what if you do not? To get bad grades or to sit at the books 24/7? It is not necessary to approach the issue radically because you can always find an excellent tutor who will give a helping hand and will not allow you to drown in the informational sea. The question is where you are able to find such a person? Not all teachers want to study with their students after the lessons, some of them do not have enough time for it. No matter what the reason is, but you need help, and in the 21st century the 1st idea that comes into your head is the Internet.

You have to pay much attention to the candidates because your choice will lead to the result or to your losing money and time. Lots of freelance tutors are professionals and experienced teachers, but you have to find them among a lot of people who want to make money from you.

Having defined the subject and purposes of your searching start surfing the Internet. Consider several aspects, not only the price of services but also more important things. This information you can find on any online exchange of tutors or contact them to ask these questions in person.

What merits can he boast of?

It is not paradoxical, but 1st of all you should see the received degree and the university that your tutor graduated from. It is difficult to share knowledge that does not exist. If the site does not have access to additional certificates, ask the teacher to send them to you or bring them to the class. Good students are often sent to the different competitions.

Working experience is on the agenda

This point is even more important than the previous one. One thing is to have knowledge in some sphere, quite another – to explain it and get across so intelligibly for you to figure out everything. This is your reason for looking for a tutor!

How many satisfied clients does he have?

On sites where you can find a tutor, there is a “leave feedback” function. Look through them and do not hurry to screen out teachers with the presence of bad ones. Teaching involves interaction with both the student and his parents. People are different, that’s why pay attention to the ratio of good and bad reviews and draw your conclusions.

Do not make an online agreement

Whether a suitable person seems to be found, call your candidate for a position as a tutor and talk. Human factors cannot be avoided, that’s why you have to be positive that the classes with this teacher will be comfortable. You can ask him any question and ask him to explain something. This little trick will help you immediately understand how easily and quickly you will grasp the explanations of this particular tutor.

Another useful tip. Now the range of tutors is that great that in order to exceed their competitors, teachers offer their potential clients a trial or introductory free lesson. Specify whether you can be provided with it and do not refuse such an opportunity.

The most expensive does not mean the best

A role of the financial side in the selection is no less important. People are used to the fact that the more quality the product they want to buy, the more the money they have to spend. But in this situation, there is not always a need to appeal to professors whose services cost fabulous money. Clearly define your goal and agree that even a college student can adequately help you achieve the needed goal. And such services will cost much less.

A good tutor is not rare on the Internet, on specialized sites, for instance, homework lab. But the quality of studying depends on you. Even if you paid the money to an experienced instructor, it does not mean that everything will magically come to the end. A tutor is an assistant who can show a shortcut to success. But you still have to pass it yourself.


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