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Seeing the world differently – a new exhibition


A NEW exhibition that offers an opportunity to experience the world in a completely different way is now on display at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery.
How to Dust the Surface is an intriguing new work that strives to re-imagine the way information – or data – is presented.
Wikipedia defines data as “any sequence of one or more symbols given meaning by a specific act of interpretation” – but what would happen if those symbols were jumbled up? How would that data then be communicated or understood?
A photograph, for example, is no longer the result of a series of chemical reactions in a darkened room, but a digital interpretation of data. Today, a photograph is only a photograph because a computer says it is – but it could just as easily be a sound, video, or 3D model if decoded that way.
This new exhibition explores what new things could be created if data was decoded a little differently. Internationally-acclaimed artists Juan Covelli and Neale Willis take on the role of contemporary archaeologists, searching for and sifting data from key sites around Warrington and the collections of Warrington Museum. They then manipulate the way the computer processes the data to create new and surprising outcomes.
Commissioned by Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, How to Dust the Surface is a thought-provoking new work creating an opportunity to look at the world from a completely new perspective.
The exhibition runs until Saturday September 15. For more information, visit http://warringtonartsfestival.co.uk/event/dust.


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