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Give Warrington town centre a chance!


HARDLY a day passes without seeing negative comments appearing about Warrington town centre on social media.

I wonder if those complaining have actually taken the time to visit the town recently?

Yes it is still far from perfect and yes there are still plenty of issues, none more so than the traffic problems we constantly face.

But if you choose your visiting times wisely there is plenty to be positive about and in time it will hopefully get even better.

The cultural quarter has some outstanding restaurants with more to come which are more than a match for Liverpool and Manchester.

The Parr Hall consistently hosts good events.

The new temporary market has some quality traders, especially in the food court.

There is three hours free parking in the new Time Square car park.

A new bowling alley is soon to open in Golden Square.

A new town centre cinema is taking shape.

A new Town Centre Bid will generate around £1.8m to help promote and market the town.

The town centre hosts the annual English Half Marathon which brings more than 20,000 people into Warrington.

Some of the troublesome bars at the lower end of Bridge Street have closed down.

Last but not least we have groups of hard working Warringtonians who are proud of their town and are rolling up their sleeves, working hard to ensure our town continues to prosper.

Remember negative thoughts can lead to negative outcomes so let’s try and be a bit more positive about our town and look to the future with optimism.

Popular events at Warrington Parr Hall


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  1. Negative thoughts have certainly led to negative outcome!. It was the negative developer/greed led thoughts of those who produced the town centre ‘regeneration’ plans which have led to it’s destruction. It has been the inaction of our councillors – what on earth were they thinking of when they allowed these plans to be passed? All, despite the professional, renown CABE DESIGN refusing to support the plans! The result of these negative thoughts and foolhardy decisions has led to one monstrous, ugly mess which will only get worse as the developments progress. Warrington town centre could have been regenerated at a fraction of the cost, in a way that could have preserved it’s unique heritage and identity whilst retaining the loyalty and affection of the people. How can you expect people to ‘take ownership’ of the bland, box-type ‘no-where’s-ville’ being presently created?

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