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How much more can Warrington take?


ANOTHER week of traffic congestion, another week of concerns about developments on Green Belt land and the possibility of a huge distribution centre on Green Belt land at Grappenhall close to the junction of the M6 near Lymm Truck Stop.

Add to this thousands of more cars on local roads due to vehicles avoiding the Mersey Gateway Toll Bridge and one wonders just how much more Warrington can take?

I have nothing against development in the right location and circumstances but I just do wonder how much more local roads can take? Yes there is the possibility of the new Western Link which could ease congestion on Bridgefoot – but in reality this is only likely to be a sticking plaster which will transport traffic issues over to the others side of town at Cromwell Avenue.

Those of you who know me know how passionate I am about my home town and I want Warrington to be successful and forward thinking.

But if Warrington Borough Council really are going to consider allowing another huge distribution centre on green belt land at the gateway to the town from the south in an area already blighted by traffic, litter and pollution, we really are on the brink of disaster!

If you have any doubts about the traffic congestion take a trip up to Lymm Truck Stop almost any lunch time or early evening during the week – it doesn’t make pleasant viewing or driving!


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  1. Spot on report Gary. I don’t believe the purported “congestion relieving” bridge will even amount to sticking plaster. With 500 plus houses and Port Warrington earmarked for one end of the bridge and houses galore at the other, it will create even more congestion for our tired, overloaded, wholly inadequate and badly planned road infrastructure.

  2. Well said, Gary. The proposed Western Link is a very short term solution, if that. The road will adversely affect the health and well being of people who currently live close to it. It will destroy any remaining green space for residents to enjoy and increase pollution. It will only slightly reduce congestion. How well do these proposals align with the recommendations in Warrington’s public health report? They don’t.
    Who benefits from these developments? The people in need of affordable rented and mortgaged homes? No. According to Shelter Warrington has 2,454 households on the social housing waiting list. During 2015/16 only 150 homes built were affordable. How do these plans benefit those who are in most need – those who have experienced the bitter reality of nearly eight years of austerity policies? They don’t.

    A completely new way of thinking is required to resolve the challenges of housing, traffic congestion and above all the way local government is run.

  3. And the “special circumstances” for allowing development in the greenbelt? The proposed distribution centre is supposed to supply ’employment opportunities’ for the people who will buy the very expensive homes proposed to be built on Appleton/Grappenhall greenfields. Wow! are the wages of warehouse operatives going to shoot up to unbelievably fabulous heights? You just couldn’t make it up!

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