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7 Reasons to Study Abroad


Do you dream about studying abroad? Just go! Studying abroad has become a global phenomenon so you don’t need any excuse to go to a far-away country to get a world-class education.

Of course, it’s quite normal to have some doubts because it’s a big step and one of the most important life-changing decisions you will ever make. If you are not yet convinced, here are the top 7 reasons why study abroad is a great idea.

See the World

Travel the world may be the number one reason for many students. You will have an opportunity to explore the new places and immerse yourself in the culture of the country you will live in and visit neighboring countries as well.  There is no better time to travel than when you are young, energetic, and crazy enough to enjoy traveling to the fullest.

Experience a Different Culture

Exploring other cultures in-depth and not through a screen or a short vacation is very important in our increasingly globalized world. While studying abroad, you will be immersed in a totally different environment. You will live like a local and gain a better understanding of a different culture. You will have an enriching experience and learn more about different customs, hear traditional music, and try new foods. In this way, you will expand your horizons. You will also be able to meet new people grown up in a different culture and witness a completely new way of life.

Learn a New Language

Being bi-lingual bring enormous benefits but learning a foreign language can be a challenge. For example, you can study Spanish from junior high to college graduation, read books, take classes with a Spanish teacher and never get fluency. There are certain aspects in any language that you can learn only through experience. The best way to really learn a new language is to live and immerse oneself in the country in which it’s spoken.

Career Opportunities

Several studies reveal that students with study abroad experience are more attractive on the job market. Your international experience will look great on your resume and improve your career prospects helping you stand out from the crowd. In the contemporary well-connected world, employers appreciate applicants who studied abroad. Studying abroad will give you a new perspective on cultures, a willingness to learn, language skills, a greater understanding of the world and will make you a better job candidate because modern businesses look for these things when hiring. You will also develop necessary personal qualities, gain more maturity and confidence, improve your problem-solving and communication skills.

Make New Friends from All around the World

When studying abroad, you are sure to meet lots of new people who are all in the same position as you and come from different continents. You will be able to live, study, and travel together. You can create lifelong friendships with people from different backgrounds (if you are good at keeping in touch). You will have endless possibilities for international networking.

Become Independent

When attending university in another country, you become truly independent from your family and parents and develop crucial “adulting” skills. Becoming independent is challenging and it can be difficult at times to be in a new place by oneself so you will need to learn to adapt to different situations. That means you will become more confident and mature and grow as a person. You will develop a lot of other skills such as organization, time-management, social skills and get ready to face life’s challenges and to succeed in your future career.

Life Experience

For most people, this time may be the only chance to travel abroad for a long period of time. Studying abroad may turn out to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because eventually, you will find a job and career.

Use your spare time to explore the new country and see things that you would never experience as an ordinary tourist. If you look for opportunities for new adventures every day, you will be able to see and do more in one year than a lot of people in their lifetime. This unforgettable experience of living among local people, having fun, being spontaneous and adventurous will give you enough stories and memories to last a lifetime.



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  1. Cost is often a barrier for UK students wanting to study abroad as Student Finance England does not offer student loans for degrees studied in countries other than the UK.

    This is a good site for identifying degree course in the EU which are taught in English:


    Fees vary, some are free to students from EU countries.

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