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Cheshire Cat – a new local bus service


A PUBLIC roadshow will be held at Stockton Heath’s Sandy Lane Community Centre on Wednesday, February 28 to highlight widespread improvements to bus services in South Warrington.
Bus company Network Warrington is to introduce the Cheshire Cat – a newly branded network that will service the area south of the Ship Canal, starting later this year.

The changes will see buses in the south network simplified, improved and will also see the introduction of a new, cutting-edge bus fleet.

Cheshire Cat branded buses will include the latest transport essentials, including WiFi, skylights, extra leg room, comfy seats and USB charging points.

Network Warrington managing director Ben Wakerley said: “I’m pleased that we’re making big improvements to the south network that will hopefully have our customers purring.  These are truly buses to be seen on!

“This latest round of improvements follow our Dallam discount, hospital frequency increase, Pops network and ‘£1.70 to Westy’ initiatives, and I can’t wait to unveil this further improvement.

“We will be introducing 13 new vehicles onto the Cheshire Cat network to ensure that our fleet remains modern, fit for purpose and achieves improvements for the environment.”

Cllr Ian Marks, Lymm North & Thelwall, was pleased about the prospect of network improvements, adding: “I’m looking forward to seeing the positive changes delivered by Network Warrington and the proposed routing, giving better connections.”

The improvements will be announced in full at the roadshow which will also give residents the chance to comment on the service changes before they are officially confirmed.

For more information, visit networkwarrington.co.uk, call 01925 634296 or follow @WarringtonBuses.


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  1. Errm ok..so who thought that one up then. Sorry but I really can’t see the need for local buses in South Warrington needing WiFi, skylights, extra leg room, comfy seats and USB charging points. Surely most journeys are short and I very much doubt that a usb charging point for example would be of any use.
    Personally I would prefer it it Network Warrington lowered the price of their fairs from South Warrington to town centre. Last time I traveled by bus from Stockton Heath to the bus station it cost me £2.50 each way. I’ll stick to using my car at those prices 🙁 There really isn’t any incentive to car owners to use buses instead. It even cost two of us less to get a taxi together (picking up at each of our homes on route) to the town centre the other week than what it would have cost us on a bus and we would have had to walk to the bus stop too in the rain and had to wait.

  2. It would’ve been better if there was a student ticket, the fact that I have to pay for a ticket as an adult costing me £4.50 is too much. Most buses provide a student ticket, and I wish if they had it on Network Warrington, the price is what puts me off using it. Hopefully, something could be done about that.

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