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Residents again being asked to pay for green bin collection


RESIDENTS of Warrington are being urged to buy licences to have their green waste bins emptied by the borough council.
Collections will start in March and continue, fortnightly, until November – but only those who have paid the licence fee will have their bins collected.
Cllr Judith Guthrie, the council’s lead member for the environment, said: “Our collection service was very popular last year and helped us to recycle 9,500 tonnes of garden waste. We hope that residents will choose to use our service again in 2018.”
A total of 39,552 licences were issued for green bins across the borough which means the council collected almost exactly half the green bins in the borough. Prior to the introduction of charges last year, 79.000 green bins were collected.
There was an uproar when the charge was first announced, with many residents saying they were not prepared to pay.
This year, the licences will cost slightly more, with a £1 increase.
They will now be £34 if bought at Contact Warrington or over the phone but only £31 if bought online.
Householders can pay for more than one green bin if they need to. They can also share a bin with  a neighbour(s) if they don’t produce much garden waste.
They can also compost green waste or take it to a community recycling centres if they prefer.
For more information about the garden waste service and for full terms and conditions visit warrington.gov.uk/gardenwaste


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  1. Why has it gone up by £1 ? Ok so it;s only £1 and most who paid last year will probably pay the little extra.
    Surely they must have made a lot of money last year in the first year of charging though if 39,552 licences were issued. I guess an extra £1 (if the same number of people pay this year) would rake in close to an additional £40k though.
    Interesting to read that only half the number of people with green bins took up the paid service….

    • Guess that it is roughly inline with what the base increase in Council Tax will be this coming year Dizzy, 2.99% ….on top of which will be the Social Care precept of 3%. Yes, it is true it will bring in another £40k, and I suppose the judgement of the Council is that folk will pay it…..as indeed I did yesterday using the on-line service. Many people probably don’t subscribe to the service because they only have a small volume of green bin waste…..and compost what they have……or indeed some might have none at all and that rightly, for the those people, the cost of the service would not be a justifiable expense. It is likely that when green bins were first issued in the Borough, a substantial number were not really required.

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