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5 Ways To Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly



It may not seem like it, but those bin bags in the office soon add up. With everyone throwing everything in there, from cardboard to plastic bottles, it’s easy to ignore just how much waste your company is making. Why not invest in some recycling bins which you can empty once a week? This will produce less waste overall, and will mean fewer trips to the tip. They may look bulky in the office, but consider how much less waste your company, as a whole, will be producing in one week alone.


If your business is coming along, you may notice how much paperwork you have lying around. The more you print, the less space you will have in your building. Not only will you have less space around the office, but you will more than likely to be spending more money on paper than you need. Why not invest in a Scanner from The Scanner Shop? Digitizing your workload will save so much more office space, and will make your files accessible at the click of the button. This means that you can print off what you need, when you need it. It also means that you can email files to clients/customers/team mates without printing it off.


Have you ever thought about how ecological your printing can be? Many haven’t, but it’s an issue that, once addressed, could have a huge impact on the environment. Eco printing is a big trend that we’re going to see this year, so why not take the time to do some research and invest in something that will make your business more environmentally friendly?


Ever needed to send over a contract or formal letter? Consider sending them an email instead. If they choose to print it, then they can do so. If you need a copy, you will always have the sent mail, which can printed down the line if needs be. Remember, you can always have your files backed up, which means you will have endless access to them.

Digital Presentations

If you have ever needed to present something, odds are that you have also made print outs for those you’re presenting to. Creating digital presentations alone are a great way to get people listening. If they would like to make notes along the way, advise them to bring a pen and paper, or email them a copy of the presentation once it has been done.

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel


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