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Staying Healthy While You Travel


While travelling is an opportunity to relax, it can be easy to forget about our health in the midst of our adventures.

It’s important to keep ourselves in good condition even while we’re away and while no one is suggesting nutrition programmes to advise you on staying healthy, we have pulled together some top tips for staying healthy while you’re travelling.


Getting enough sleep while you’re away is vital for keeping good health. Whether you’re physically travelling or just exploring your destination, getting enough sleep can help reverse and avoid the harshness of travelling on your body. Sleeping for a few hours after a long walk can refresh your body in the first few jet-lagged days and help you adjust to not only the time zones, but to being in what is probably a different climate too.


Walking everywhere – at least within reason – can be beneficial to more than just your health. Not only will it get you on your feet and exercising regularly while you’re on holiday, but it will also help you cut down costs when it comes to travel. After all, if something is within walking distance it means not needing to pay out for a cab, or on a bus ticket and the struggle of working out which bus to get.

Eat Breakfast!

Whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast and try and last through until lunch. Not only is it the easiest meal to make yourself or get on the cheap, it also keeps you going through the morning. You need the energy boost even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time, and it can keep you motivated and active enough to enjoy your day. If you don’t want to eat out for breakfast, you can get instant porridge that just requires hot water, or if you don’t like porridge or have no access to hot water, a pastry from a bakery can do just as good of a job, if not better. Just make sure you don’t skip breakfast for optimum health while you’re away.


This is an obvious choice whether you’re travelling or at home, but it’s easy to forget to keep hydrated while you’re out and about on holiday. Not only will keeping hydrated keep you healthy overall, but it can help you deal with the heat in exotic, warmer countries. Your skin will stay in good condition provided you use sun cream as well, and you’ll stay feeling alert and bright to make the most out of your day and it’s activities.

Spread things out

Don’t try and do everything all in one day. If you’re on a city break, consider staying a little longer if you can so you can spread out all of the things you want to do. Avoid rushing around and stressing yourself out trying to navigate the city. You’ll get to enjoy things more too, with a more fulfilling experience overall. You can go beyond saying you’ve ‘been there’ and start saying that you’ve experienced it, enjoyed it, and came away with a memory to cherish… All while staying healthy and stress free!


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